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    [This reminds me of the former Polish Home Army soldier, 59-year-old Ryszard Siwiec, who doused himself in paint thinner and set himself on fire in protest of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, in 1968.]

    The man, who died from his injuries on Sunday, had distributed leaflets in which he accused the right-wing government of breaking the rules of democracy and damaging Poland’s reputation.

    According to “Unfuck Poland,” on Twitter: “Piotr S. killed himself and left Poland this manifesto. If you haven’t read it yet, you should!”

    The Manifesto:





    Will one man’s suicide wake us up?

    Jan Hartman


    A Polish man’s self-immolation has shocked the nation, said Jan Hartman. The 54-year-old, not yet named by authorities, died last week after setting himself on fire outside the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.

     He left behind a manifesto of protest against the increasing authoritarianism of the ruling Law and Justice party. “I love freedom first and that is why I decided to immolate myself,” his letter said. “I hope that my death will shake the consciences of many people.” It has already shaken mine. 

    Poland seems to have been transported back to 1968, when 59-year-old Ryszard Siwiec set himself alight to protest Poland’s participation in the brutal suppression of the Prague Spring by Warsaw Pact forces. That martyrdom led to political demonstrations, and Siwiec is honored as a Polish hero to this day—one who helped Poles see that they could resist their Communist leaders.

     Now this brave man in Warsaw has tried to call our attention to the creeping repression that has set in since nationalist Law and Justice came to power in 2015, with courts politicized and the press placed under state control. Some of us have joined street protests, but most of us “have done nothing or almost nothing to save Polish democracy,” which we won back only 27 years ago. Will this man’s sacrifice wake up Polish society “from its lethargy and complacency?”




    all I knew about this topic until now was about Jan Palach. I even watched the film (mini series) about him-Hořici keř (Burning Bush). All of this is somewhat interesting.


    “For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son” :)



    Democracy is their filthy pagan god which they worship by sacrificing their children to its idols.



    One less leftist to reinforce the pull of the West on Sławia.  Just joking, but seriously, at least the PiS don’t put their stuff in English.  The use of English just reinforces that this is just a Western backed ploy for Poles to be coerced into supporting the enslavement of their nation to the West.  Instead of the wonderful mix of Western and Slavic values that Poland represents, the West wants the Slavic elements out now.

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