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    Ive made a map about have the balkan could look like if the serbian relocation policy would focus on the north and south of serbia and not to bosnia. This includes that duklja (today coast of montenegro) would have stayed catholic (keyword red croatia).

    ATTENTION this is a hardcore southslav “vision”, so dont take it serious.

    Map with modern layout:

    Satellite only:

    I mainly took natural borders (rivers/sees/mountains) but on three locations its not very clear:
    1. The bulgarian Pernik-Widin Border
    2. The southern albanian-greece border
    3. the northeastern serbian-romanian border
    Serbia got the sandzak because of the natural border between west and east (river drina/tara)
    As croatian i didnt take a claim on sandzak/syrmia/vojvodina because it would look bad geographically and demographically because there do not live any croats.

    As last not mapped step (which would be very hardcore) croatia could expand north over whole pannonia along the danube river to vienna. This would make a croatian/slovenian corridor between west and south slavs possible. To roud this you could think of a extension of the serbian backa province. In peacefully cooperation with greece you could think of giving the thessaloniki province to serbia to make the river borders perfect (and so serbians would have their own sea



    wtf half of my post is not visible…



    lol @ Croats trying to push their Serbian problems south….no thanks, you can deal with Krajina and Republika Srpska yourselves. There are only 30,000 ethnic Serbs in Macedonia, so no real claim to Serbian ethnic territory exists in Macedonia.



    Serbia is already great, who needs greater Serbia? >:)



    Serbia Stronk



    Bulgaria should complete the vision of Omurtag and unite all Slavs as far west as Bohemia. Magyars and Rumanians will be declared honorary Slavs and annexed too. This should create an empire large enough to be self-sufficient and hence independent on the world stage. Total world domination would be an option left at the discretion of future generations, at a later time. Serbia will, of course, be free to pursue their aspirations of greatness within the limits of our western provinces.



    The map is a bullshit.



    I love how you expanded every other nation to ridiculous proportions, but Klagenfurt was just too much, wasn’t it?



    @TheDovahkiin97 this is bunch of bullshit, has no stand in historical, ethnic or political image of the region. Only positive argument you gave is that borders are natural and maybe for you Croatia would be big AF. I also don’t appreciate that thing happening in Syrmia… Nemoj mi dirati Srem.
    You really hate Turks, don’t you? I mean what the fuck is happening with Greece here?
    @aaaaa We’ve already went through this, haven’t we?



    Sorry, but you maps are pure nonesense.

     It would be nicer if you as Croat for beggining gave back to Serbs Serbian Krajina,
    At least instead trying to take Republic of Srpska and Montenegro.

    My advice to you is to read interantional history, because Croatian history is full of various fairytales.

    But after all why would anyone take this thread seriously anyway.



    And where is this fairy tale land of Serbian Krajina?



    “republik of srpska” was just like m9ontenegro catholic before u morons kept pushing borders west
    Serbia is a farytale itself so jebi mater cetnice jedan munjeni



    Deretić alert  B) @Knez



    @TheDovahkiin97 rofl :D

    Can someone please change the diapers for this kid?



    @Shaokang hehehe What`s the matter mate? Drina is the border  B) heheh

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