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    it would be great if all of you would make one quality interesting thread about your country or some other interesting Slavic topic so we can rep you meassly and have something interesting to read besides chit-chat :)

    on example, something interesting about your country that you think no one knows and stuff like that…be creative :)



    That is nice idea, but it must really be something interesting as otherwise noone even reads it. It all starts with the title. Anyhow, you gave me an idea for making a new thread in the Slovenia section. It will be "Stuff You Didn't Know About Slovenia". So, please noone starts such a thread about Slovenia because I got the idea first! s**** you! ;D But you are all invited to post some stuff we all don't know about it after it's done?

    Is this egoistic? Yes it is. Will you be mad at me for this? I hope not as I'll make the best mother** :-X** thread about Slovenia ever!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Slovenija za vedno!!



    I have some ideas I could possibly post about Slavs in the US. In many ways I was fortunate to be able to interact and grow up with many different Slavic peoples all at once living in NYC, but this neighborhood is now predominately Polish. When I was a kid it was mostly people from all ex yugo countries, austrians, (many minorities from vojvodina Serbia like austrians, hungarians, romanians) Romanians from romania, polish, Lithuanian to a lesser extent.  I have to admit the older generations of slavs from specific countries are lot different than the younger, so I guess ill write about facts from the 80's adn 90;s … and how our people got involved with italian mob here… lol…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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