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    Look.. I think there is way too many sub-forums and sub-subforums

      there needn't be so many forums segregating it into ever such detail – besides, you can always add subforums, at present the whole forum structure looks TOO BIG for people to even read all the Sub-forums when they look at the forum.

    an example of faith & wisdom sub-forum –  change this to only 2 sub-forums 
    -Religion (this would include all topics of heathen or christian or whatever else)

    The same of course goes for the rest of the whole forum.
    In my opinion a mix of forum.narodowcy.net & thiazi.net  organisaion would be very good. I am not saying to copy any of the above, but at the moment it is just too overwhelming.



    Your comment has been noted and will be discussed by moderation. Thank You.



    Nah i believe eventually it would fill in, no need for something like that. Besides at least everything is on it's place easier to navigate.



    I think the forum is well organized and there are not too many sub-forums, everything is clear and regulated, similar with Slavic Unity forum.



    I had a look at this Forum and I can say: it's great ;)



    I agree with you Rod and Dervan too, but it is needed to keep clear scheme, because with increasing number of new members increase also number of new posts and subforums, so after time it could start chaoz in the themes. And some users could start feel lost in that.



    Actually, I like this forum organisation a lot. It's my favourite organisation of all the Slavic forums.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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