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    Top national statues in Slavic countries

    Top national statues in Slavic countries – We will now bring you the most coolest collection of statues across Slavic lands! Feel free to leave comments if you want some others to be included of co…

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    Few months ago i was in Kolomna and saw a monument of Dmitry Donskoy. Liked it a lot :D

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Looks pretty great yeah. East Slavic statues as a rule all look great.



    Statue of Juraj Jánošík.

    Watching over his birthplace Terchová. :)



    There’s a funny statue in Sarajevo, Bosnia of Canned Beef that’s suppose to mock the food aid that was given to Sarajevans during the Bosnian War.


    Also, imo, ‘The Motherland Calls’ in Volgograd is the most awe inspiring statue I’ve ever seen. Hopefully I can see it in person one day.



    @Svevlad looks like it’s corned, too – aka Spam. So Bosnia has a monument to spam.
    Speaking of Bosnian monuments, that Tomislav statue is shit.



    aaaaa Yeah, it’s a monument to spam. It should have made the list. It has a more interesting back story than some of the statues on the list.



    I like this one. Warrior from Mieszko I cavalry and ułan. The monument is called Polish Cavalry Monument and consists also of the dates. First one is Cedynia 972, the last one Borujsko 1945.




    I’ve always thought Knez Mihailo monument was Belgrade’s most famous monument:



    The monument in first post by @Pentax is one of my favourite monument to prince of Vitsebsk principality Alhierd (Lithuanian : Algirdas).

    Alhierd lived in Vitsebsk principality multiplying the land many times over. He was among first to defeat Tatars at the Battle of Blue Waters joining territories of what is present day Ukraine to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (south-eastern Lithuania, Belarus, eastern Poland, western Russia).

    Another monument from northern Belarus is to Efrosiniya Polotskaya. Perhaps, she was among 2-3 most kn own females in ancient Rus. The other female comes to my mind is Olga. She was ruler of Kievan Rus. Olga is corrupt version of Norse name Helga.

    Olga of Kiev https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olga_of_Kiev

    There are many monuments to Olga in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and I cannot choose one. Perhaps the best monument is her name borne by millions of females in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. 

    Here’s an example of monument to Olga in Kiev



    In my opinion, this is one of the best statues in Bulgaria. Not very Slavic though…

    Then again, there’s also Alyosha, the masked bandit of Plovdiv.

    And last, but not least – there’s our monument to our alien overlords.

    Now, on a more serious note, this is the monument of the victorious “Sorrowful soldier” in Vidin, mourning the fratricidal Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885:



    Two other common given names in eastern Slavs derived from names in ancient Rus are Igor and Oleg . These are Slavic corrupt versions of Norse names Ingvar and Helg respectively.

    Igor was husband of Olga. And Oleg was conquerer of Kiev making it the capital of Rus. The earliest chronicle states that Kiev is the mother of all cities of  Rus – cities of present day Ukraine, Belarus. Russia.

    Eastern Slavs were defending Kiev in  many wars. Because so important was Kiev to eastern Slavs over the years.  In my opinion Russians and Belarusians love Kiev more than Ukrainians themselves.




    They aren’t corrupted, Igor and Oleg are just the slavicized form of these names.
    The names were slavicized just like the Varjagi were slavicized.



    Where did my Jánošík statue go? :s

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