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    Frederic Chopin – Warsaw

    Jesus – Świebodzin

    The Beetle – Szczebrzeszyn (the one from a tongue twister)

    Tadeusz Kościuszko – Wawel, Kraków

    Mikołaj Kopernik – Warsaw

    Józef Piłsudski – Warsaw

    The Little Insurrectionist – Warsaw

    Adam Mickiewicz – Lviv



    Euphrosyne of Polotsk was a daughter of the prince of Vitebsk Svyatoslav Vseslavich, granddaughter of Vseslav Charodey, nun and educator of the Rus
    State. She was born into Rurik family. Euphrosyne was a princess, a philosophical and spiritual leader in the Polotsk principality in the 12th century.
    She was born between 1101 and 1105 in Polotsk. At the age of 12 (age of majority) she refused a dynastic marriage and went to the monastery.
    She was a highly educated person of that period. She had a good knowledge of geography, Greek, Latin, mythology and other sciences. First she was a nun and later Mother Superior of the Convent. She did a lot of charitable work which included opening schools and hospitals. She taught other people, wrote and rewrote books by hand. She founded the Spass-Efrosinya church in Polotsk.

    She is one of the 15 patron saints of Belarus, whose lives are celebrated in the Belarusian Orthodox Church, on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

    She is associated with the establishement of Christianity in Belarus.



    The Beetle – Szczebrzeszyn (the one from a tongue twister)
    Woah, a Salarian! :smiley:



    Adam  Mickiewicz in Minsk.



    Btw, I check that Beetle with a Witch suffering a broom accident…

    and then raise with a couple of Dragons in Love (or Vlyubeni Zmeyove, as we would say):

    And, again, on a more serious note, a Virgin Mary statue from the same city as the witch:



    The Beetle – Szczebrzeszyn (the one from a tongue twister)

    @gaiuscoriolanus I must have my photo with him one day!  <3

    Since I am born on Olga’s feast day and my grandfather wanted that name for me, I must go and meet all the Olgas. (The statues) 

    @NikeBG  Why is the Virgin Mary wearing a satellite dish on her head?  ;)



    @Karpivna Maybe it’s a way of modernizing the means for the propagation of the faith? After all, we already have a statue with glowing eyes, a statue with neon lights and a statue, which sings the old royalist national anthem, so why not one which serves as a broadcast tower (or a broadcast tower which looks like a statue)? Either that, or it’s simply part of a program in search for some potentially remaining intelligence somewhere out there…

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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