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    Sława ,glorious ones.
    In this thread I want you to translate to english articles and other stuff about Slavs ,originally existing only in your native languages.
    We have few interesting bloggers in Poland ,people who are in love with Slavia ,people who were raised as rodnovers in times when many people were not even knowing what is that.
    BTW. Admin added some kind of “medals” for users but deleted the post edition options. No comments.

    For a start some posts by Gajowy Marucha. I’m not translating word for word. Well mostly yes but not always.

    “Germans? What Germans? – History of Europe 600-1000 A.D.”
    … about pre-German history of Germany and rest of the Europe

    “What do they say to us in school?

    In school I was teached so:
    -Poland was created in year 966 when it was “christianized”
    -Poles took christianity from Czechs because they didnt wanted to have German influences
    -Germany is a “Holy Roman Empire of German Nation”

    Logically thinking student will understand that:
    -There was no Poland before year 966
    -Czech state is older than Polish
    -German state is empire and civilisation and Polish is “stenchy, dirty and poor”

    Wheres the catch?
    (…) If we would put same facts in another way , or with adnotation ,everyone would understand it right:
    -Before year 966 Poland existed under different names
    -Czech state and Polish state is same state but ,simply other parts of federation ,different tribes (voivodeships)
    -German state 100 years before wasnt existing at all ,it was created on western Polish lands (called today Połabie)
    -Poland (under different name) is much older than Germany.

    We have to make three things clear:
    In history there is no such thing as proofs ,there are leads. There are no witneses there are only chrinicles. Their authors
    dont witness ,they simply write down what was orally passed or they rewrite other chronicles.
    In this article I’ll base on “official” version of history to show that even in official version Poland looks better
    than in school version.


    In Polish schools maps from before year 1000 are not shown ,because what for? There is risk that someone would start
    to ask questions. If they show us something its Greece ,Rome or Persia ,but Poland? Who may have intrests in such pagan

    1000 A.D.

    This map is perfect for history lessons. Germany is grat and Poland small. Psychological effect achieved. The only explanation is
    needed for “Rus Land” ,its not Russia ,its Ruś (Russ) from which Russia took name as Germans took name from Slavs!
    Its worthy to notice that Croatia is already on Balkans and Bulgarians have half of Greece. Its what left after
    our victorious raid on Rome half millenium earlier. Its good to remember that on this map ,the Wan lake (tr:”Van Golu”) lies
    in Armenia (its this blue field next to Turkey). Why do we need Wan lake? I’ll write about it in another article (yes its
    related to Poland).

    900 A.D.

    This map shows Europe “just” 100 years before! Poland in the middle as always ,but wait, wait… where is Germany?
    This map is no good for school. And thats why you’ll probably never saw it before.

    Some important facts to remember are ,Borussia on the territory of Elbląg and Olsztyn. Borussia is Prussia.
    Prussia is NOT GERMANY ,as we were taught on history lessons. Prussians are Balto-Slavic nation (like Żmudzini ,
    Jadźwingowie or Lithuanians). They started to speak german under the influence of german christianity
    [GolemyGniew adnotation: Germany was germanizing people through religion. All christians were forced to
    learn and speak german.]
    Thats why Germans have so much of Slavic and Balto-Slavic haplogroup.

    Please notice that Croatia is called “Chrobatia” and that on the map there is… second Croatia ,on the territory
    of modern Lwów, called White Chrobatia [GolemyGniew adnotation: name Croatia/Chrobatia in my opinion
    come from word “chrobry” which means in old-Polish “brave one”. Also very similar to word “Hrvat” is word “Chwat” which also mean “breave
    one”]. Yes ,Croatians come from Małopolska ,and on Balkans they remained after the
    campain against Rome in VI century.
    Another case are Serbs in place of modern Drezno. They also took part in campain against Rome in VI century and
    thats why today Serbia is on Balkans. Ancestors of Serbs live until today inside of modern Germany ,and you’ll
    find more about them here:

    Its not coincidence that priminister of Saxonia Stanislaw Tillich speaks fluently in Polish ,Czech and Serbian.
    He is Łużyczan Serbian. On the territoty of Balkan Serbia there is written “Rascia”. Name was took after capital
    of Balkan Serbia from that time.

    On the territory of modern Berlin on the map are Hevelians (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hevelli) ,you havent
    heard of them because they created Berlin and Brandenburg! From them come the names like: Vaclav Havel, Jan Heweliusz,
    Hawela or Hobolin.
    Now you know why every city in Germany have Polish name.
    Every other praiser of “German land” theory ,feed with this map.

    800 A.D.

    Lets get back another century. Previous map didnt lie. There are no Germans!

    In Spain we have “Al-Andalus”. Name is not foreign for us because it comes from “Vandals” from Kraków (Cracovia)
    who created state there 250 years before and later moved to Africa. In arabic language “Al” is the definite article
    and letter “W” dont exist ,thats why its “Al-Andalus” and not “Wandalus”. From that word came modern name “Andalusia”.

    On the territory of Hamburg and Brema ,there are “Saxons”. They are Slavs ,not Germanics as wikipedia claims because there
    were no Germanics in that time. Name Saxons is a germanized name of people who use axes (compare name “Drewlanie”
    who live on the same land in the same time). Good to remember is that during total Lechitic invasion on Rome
    in VI century “Saxons” were supouse to conquer the Roman occupied Britain. Sings of this are British names like:
    Essex ,Wessex and Sussex so eastern ,western and southern Saxonia.

    We may see also the tribe of Magyars coming from the east ,that will do with Avars same what Germans did to Polabians.
    Slavonic nation under the influence of foreign culture will change language for German or Hungarian.
    Hungarians same as Poles or Croatians claim to be descendants of Sarmatians. That would explain why Hungarians
    look like Poles ,talk in english with same accent as Poles but we cant communicate with our native languages.



    700 A.D.

    This map if not much different. There is name “Bavaria” which comes from the “Bajuwarowie/Bojowarowie” tribe
    which means “warriors who create strongholds”. Letter “J” from Bojuwarowie we hear still in german name for
    Bavaria which is Bayern. Name Bavaria is latin.

    On the map we have also Bohemia. Its one of the latin names for Slavonics. It came from the word “Boh” (god).
    It means “the land of gods”. We may compare it to name “Lech” or “Got” (Goths were living in Poland in that time).
    There are also names “Pan” (Master/Lord) or “Pol”/”Polak” but Ill focus on that another time. Later this name was
    changed to Czechs ,thats why on universities you have no Czech but Bohemian specialisation.

    600 A.D.

    Another map showing that there was no Germany between France and Poland.

    Intersting thing: Baskonia is described as Vasconia. Its important because “B” and “W” are exchangeble between languages.
    And Bulgaria lies over the…Azovian Sea. Another Bulgaria in in Romania. I’m not able to say now if those are
    same Bulgaries or only name similarities. There is no western Rome and eastern Rome is still an empire.

    Why I dont go further? Because VI century is very important century in our history. Its when we counquered whole Europe,
    and thats a subject worthy of separate article.

    What was if nothing was?

    Smarter people will notice that that there is a lot of countries and tribes in whole Europe except for its
    Slavonic region. Slavs have their names and colour practically only next to the bourders of (former) Rome.
    Our wise “historians” say that:
    “There was no Poland. There was wilderness ,forests ,polar bears ,well maybe next to the Roman Empire borderlands
    there was some civilisation”.

    Or maybe not? All those maps were created based on the Roman ,Frankish ,English or German chronicles.
    Why should they write about some tribes from Siberia if nobody ever seen them? If we would follow this kind of
    thinking ,we should take for granted that whole world was depopulated and empty. Everyone was wroting about himself
    and about closest neighbours which he knew and he had relations with.


    But lets think about it ,why those maps were created without analigical Slavonic chronicles ,we know that there
    were Arabs and Chineese but we dont know that there were Slavs? On those maps we also have Arabs only next to the sea
    or to the boarderlands. Chineese also have had their chronicles. Our were all destroyed and burned not long after the
    christianisation. Why? Because they consisted “devil signs”. Slavs before christianisation were not writing
    in latin but normal Slavonic Runes called “Bukwy”.

    All that we know about pre-christian history of Poland are rewrited chronicles ,history is also passed orally
    ,and what for us may be a shock for our ancestors it was obvious.
    Massive erasing of Polish history happened mostly during occupations. Until then ,every Pole knew that he is a
    Lechite ,Sarmatian ,descendant of Gods or “Pan” (lord) (today we call eachother “Pan/Pani” and group of Poles
    we call “państwo” (GG adnotation: “lordship”. We use that name for members of the familly or for whole nation).
    All remaining Polish chronicles support that ,and not only Polish ,because western also.

    So where did this school version came from? Procedure is very simple. We take Polish chronicle and read:
    “Bolesław made king in Gniezno”. We check German chronicle: “Bolesław made king in Gniezno”. Everything fine ,
    we put this into the book. Again we take Polish chronicle and read: “Alexander Macedonian conquered Cracovia”.
    We check German chronicle and nothing there. But how could there be anything if there was no Germany in 900 and
    Alexander attacked Kraków 1400 years earlier? But “historians” have no problem with it. (…) But there are
    two other chronicles that say thesame! (…) We erase.

    In case if those maps wouldnt work (site in maintenance mode) here’s link to the original article with maps uploaded:

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @GolemyGniew i was updating the software edit option is up again ;)




    1. Poland under what name is older than Germany?

    2. Polabians were NOT Poles. They were a tribe inside Obodrites.

    3. First map.

    a) Germany WAS big and Poland WAS small. If you want to say something opposite, do so. It actually looked like this.

    b) Germans took name from Slavs? Really? :) So, give me an ethymology of the word “Deutschland”. Which shall be Slavic :D

    4. Second map.

    a) There is no Germany as a country, but tell me – where do you see Poland? I see only Polans there, as a tribe – not a nation.

    b) As you probably know, Francia on this map… other words. Franks were Germanics.

    c) We were not taught on schools that Prussians were Germans. In Polish language you have terms “Prusacy” (Germans) and “Prusowie” (Balts). It was Conrad of Mazovia, who asked Teutones to handle with the Prussians. Teutones would not give a sht if they will not be promised to gain this Baltic land.

    To be honest, I am not able to read further. I’ll do it later maybe. But I am surprised, that you actually think that Obodrites were Poles, as they were never a part of Polish kingdom. Names in Germany are not of Polish origin, but Lusatian/Polabian.

    In my opinion, there are too many conspiration theories here.



    1. Its not my article.
    2. I guess Marucha meant that “Germans” or “Germanics” come from latin name of land “Germania” and that most of this land was actually Slavonic. Its not a mystery that Germans are a mix od Slavs ,Celts and Skandinavians. His intention I guess was to put accent on the fact that eastern Germany is actually western Slavia since the times before any country was present in this region. By Slavia I mean lands of Slavonic people.
    3.Name “France” came from Franks but they were not numerous. Thet were left there by one of the Caesars to rule over Celts. Always name come from the elites ,even if society was of different culture or origin. French language is not germanic. Its written latin and spoken celtic.
    4. Before Poland was Poland it was called Lechia. There are chronicles about it. We could treat this as a fairytale (as we never do with foreign chronicles) but the interesting part is that in languages of nations that claim to be descendants of nomadic tribes like Huns ,Scythians ,Turks ,or Sarmatians Poland is still called Lechia and Poles – Lechites. Lithuanian ,Hungarian and Turkish are the ones I know for sure. In Turkish actually Poland is -straightly – Lechistan.
    5.I agree on the matter of Prussians. In Polish language we separate this but the fact is that Prusacy are simply germanized Slavs/Balts.
    6.Obodrites were not Poles straightly. Maybe Polabia would be separate country now ,or maybe they would have been Poles today.



    Do you happen to know where the Hungarian word for Poles: lengyel comes from?
    it is quite dissimilar from Lech yet they both begin with L



    From the Lendians, not from Lechia. It was never a name for Poland, only in poetry appeared sometimes.



    >>>On the territory of Hamburg and Brema ,there are “Saxons”. They are Slavs ,not Germanics as wikipedia claims because there
    were no Germanics in that time. Name Saxons is a germanized name of people who use axes (compare name “Drewlanie”<<<

    Wrong premise – although there was no country called “Germany” there were germanic tribes. The Saxons were, in fact, german and not Slavs. Also “Saxon” comes from the “seaxe” which is a knife, not an ax.



    How do you know “in fact” that they were germanic? Drewlanie suppoused to live on thesame territory in same period of time as those Saxons.
    Lędzianie and Lechici are two versions of same name. Like Maciej and Mateusz.
    Story about Lech and Czech (and later also Russ) wasnt created in Poland. Not even in Czechia. It came to Czechia from Serbia.
    The most interesting ethymology I know of name “Polacy” is that it comes from “Polachy” which means “after the Lechites” or “Descendants of Lechites”.
    Name Lechites comes from name Lech which mean Fox. Fox was a symbol of wisdom in combat.
    It makes more sense for “Glorious ones” to call themselves “Wise ones” (Lechites) or “Brave ones” (Croatians).

    But the main and most interesting point of this article are MAPS. On every map ,the more we go back in time Slavonics are more and more on the west ,and germanics are less and less visible and numerous. Remember that those colours on the maps are taken from the chronicles and mean only what we know for sure. If some tribes have no colour it only means that we dont know from that sources where exactly were their lands ,and of there is a splash like “Polans” in the middle of nowhere it means only that they know about this territory for sure. It means that Slavia was actually much bigger than what Romans belived to be “Germania”.



    Mistakes in such basic things… You are serious GolemyGniew?



    Said by guy which claimed that France is germanic country xD






    I want to ask you Perun to clear this thread up. Its not another one topic thread ,there should be only translations of articles.



    The Saxons were the same guys that conquered the southern part of the british isles after the Romans left. The reason modern English is a germanic language is because of the Saxons. Odds are, therefore, that they were not slavic. As in “hell, no” not as in “probably not”.



    @aaaaa don’t argue with Mr. Great_Poland_Forever_Polish_Vilnius_Polish_Lviv. :p I remind of Bonsek, who claimed everyone was Serbian, now we see, that not even Slavs, but strictly Poles conquered Britain what led to creation of the US. Wow, Poles are awesome! But we still have visas.

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