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    US President Donald Trump recently fumed during a meeting with lawmakers that America was accepting too many immigrants from “shithole” places like Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, and not enough from overwhelmingly white Norway. 

    Why aren’t more Norwegians immigrating to USA?

    Some 200 years ago, Norwegians flocked to the U.S. to “escape a shithole of their own,” said Aftenposten (Norway) in an editorial. For several decades, starting in the 1820s, fully one-third of Norway’s population left to start new lives in America. These “poor, toothless fishermen and peasants” did not assimilate as fast as Swedes or Irish. But today their descendants are part of the American fabric. Now, thanks partly to oil, Norway is rich, has the world’s happiest population, and scores higher than the U.S. on measures of education, health care, and good governance. Last year, only 502 Norwegians emigrated to the U.S., and for good reason: “Compared with Norway, the U.S. is a shithole.”

    Norwegian train LIVE. Maybe taking Norwegians to America???  :D



    what it has to do with Slavs? :p




    They border Russia via Finnmark?   :D



    @Shaokang First Norwegians, then Slavs. Nobody has told Trump about the white Slavs yearning to be free.  :D  



    Norwegians are cool.



    Norway has one of the highest living standards around the world. The population of Norway is 5.23mln. USA get 600-700mln legal immigrants every year. Is Trump serious wanting more immigrants from Norway?



    @Sviatogor … exactly. If I were Trump I’d prioritize ancient Sumerians.

    … except

    come, now …



    @Sviatogor Trump is serious. He would be happy if the entire country of Norway moved to the US. No joke. Well, except the guy that @aaaaa posted.  ;) Trump probably doesn’t even know who he is.  :|



    @Karpivna  I call dibs on Norway when that happens.
    Also, what are the odds that you know who the man on the picture is, but Trump, who is your president doesn’t?
    Me thinks you’ve been drinking a little too much of the MSMs cool aid. Let me give you a tip, so you’d be able to tell when they’re telling the truth vs lying:
    If you can see their lips moving – they’re lying.



    Norway and Sweden have a fair share of naturalised Arabs and Africans (citizens), whom Trump may accept in USA. :)



    @aaaaa The odds are probably HUGELY in my favor.  :D Also, I hate Kool-Aid and Creepy Kool-Aid talking drink pitcher. 

    @Sviatogor Trump only wants the white Norwegians.   :#



    Someone needs to alert Trump that his government is attempting to deport a Polish white person! Seriously, though, this is insane!

    Doctor who fled Poland with his family 40 years ago for a ‘better life’ in the US is arrested by ICE agents and could be deported back to the country he left as a THREE-year-old

    • A doctor in Michigan was arrested at his home by ICE agents and jailed Tuesday
    • Lukasz Niec, 43, faces deportation to his birth country, Poland. The doctor, his sister and his parents left Poland and came to the US in 1979 for a ‘better life’.
    • The married father-of-two is a well-known doctor at Bronson Methodist Hospital
    • Family thinks he was arrested for two misdemeanor convictions from when he was 17 for destruction of property and receiving and concealing stolen goods
    • Niec pleaded guilty to the charges under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act but ICE does not recognize the plea agreement, his wife and sister said

    A Polish doctor in Michigan, who fled to the US with his family nearly 40 years ago, faces deportation to his birth country after he was arrested at his home by ICE agents and thrown in jail.

    Lukasz Niec, who has a permanent green card, was home with his two daughters Tuesday morning when three Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents showed up, placed him in handcuffs and took him to jail. 

    The 43-year-old internal medicine physician at Kalamazoo’s Bronson Methodist Hospital has spent the past several days at the Calhoun County jail awaiting his fate.

    The 43-year-old doctor was home when his two daughters when three Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents showed up and placed him in handcuffs Niec left is pictured here with his wife Rachelle Burkart-Niec and kids




    @Karpivna Trump probably thinks the best of that Norwegian guy, he has helped many to see the danger of Muslim invasion ;)





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    Make America Great Again.

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