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    Ukraine peace talks in Minsk drag on into the morning

    Quadrilateral talks on peace in Ukraine entered on Thursday morning in the ninth hour, and so far th…

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    The Dollar is collapsing, it’s all or nothing. I hope Putin and the Russian people are strong enough to triumph over the Corrupt stinking system run by in the UK and USA [city of London].



    Waiting for Putler in UN tribunal… when he caused of thousands of deaths, repressions, conflicts and territories aggressions… Kevin talks about the dollar.
    WTF is wrong with peoples %(
    Also it looks like a joke, when non-ex-USSR ppls talks about corrupt. What do you know about it?



    @”Oleg Pasko” I seriously doubt there will be any peace due to few reasons:

    1) Ukraine will not settle with losing 30% of it’s country territory, neither will it peacefully watch Russia keep delivering new tanks hour by hour.
    2) USA and UK will not peacefully watch Russia doing what it wants with ease and spreading it’s Geopolitical influence on cost of NATO.
    3) Poland, Baltic states and Slovakia will insist in arming Ukraine so they wouldn’t be the next target due to their experiences from Soviet Union.
    4) Putin doesn’t care about Ukraine, he cares about trying out how firm NATO is as he is attacking the western world in several directions: Ukraine war (testing NATO army readiness), BRICKS (testing Dollar and EU/US financial domination), Propaganda War (lowering the influence of western Media), Extremism financing (financially supporting extremist anti-EU parties inside Europe as Syriza), and a plan to open Naval Bases in Greece to cut Europe off Black sea and any form of military naval help to Ukraine and future targets as Romania, Bulgaria, Transistria etc.

    Only states on the world right now that have interest in peace is France and Germany due to their massive financial import/export with Russia. Everybody else is ready for a brawl imo.

    GG Merkel, not the first time Germany splits a country with Russia for it’s interests.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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