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    This film looks quite amazing!  :)  

    The Mykyta Kozhumiaka (Nicky Tanner) animation continues the story of a famous hero Kyrylo Kozhumiaka, who has conquered the last Firedrake. However, this time his 12 y.o. son takes the lead. The boy has no magical powers, like his father did, and has got only the strength of his character to stand up against the Dragon and save the world. Nicky and his new friends are up to an exciting adventure in the magical world. The story with a happy end and true friendship to show that being a real hero requires more than just physical strength – the strength of one’s spirit.  

    The film is based on the stories of Ukrainian writer Anton Siyanika http://siyanika.blogspot.com/2014/11/nicky-tanner-and-fire-flower.html.

    However, “Nikita the Tanner,” has been around much longer than Siyanika’s stories. Nikita the Tanner is an east Slavic folk hero from the tales. In some sources he is called Kyrylo the Tanner. The oldest prototype on it could be found in Laurentian Chronicles.

    The fairly tale of Nikita tells that a dragon Zmey Gorynych used to take beautiful girls prisoners. One day he even kidnapped the daughter of the Kievan tsar (kniaz). To find out the dragon’s weakness, the woman pretended to love him, so Gorynych told her there’s only one person in the world that is stronger than he: a tanner from Kyiv, Nikita. The princess told these news to her pigeon, who alerted her father, the tsar. The tsar decided to go meet Nikita in person, and went down to the leather tanner’s house. It took the tsar a while to persuade Nikita into fighting. Nikita refused the wealth and power that the tsar offered him, but agreed after the tsar got hundreds of children in front of him and they begged him to save them, because they would be eaten by Gorynych in a few years too.

    Nikita then went to Gorynych’s lair, and, after a long earth-shattering fight, had him heavily beaten with his heavy wooden club. Frightened, the dragon offered Nikita to become allies and rule the world together. Nikita demanded that they plow the border of their halves of the world, then used the dragon instead of a plowing horse. After they plowed the furrow across the whole world, Nikita demanded that they plow further to divide the sea as well. The foolish Gorynych obeyed and drowned in the ocean. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikita_the_Tanner

    Produced in Ukraine. Directed by: Manuk Depoyan / Манук Депоян 
    Studio: Panama Grand Prix

    More here: http://pgprix.com/NT/

    And here: https://www.facebook.com/mykytakozhumiaka/

    Trailer with English subtitles.




    “Nikita demanded that they plow further to divide the sea as well. The foolish Gorynych obeyed and drowned in the ocean.” The ways protagonists outsmart the villains in folk tales never cease to amaze me.
    Anyway, it’s great to see old traditions represented in modern media and kept alive. Best of luck to the producers!




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