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    Poroshenko should have yelled at him in Ukrainian. That would have been so cool!  :D The White House called it a “drop-in” visit. Yeah, Poroshenko was just in the neighborhood. “I think I’ll visit my friend, Donald.” I think the the hand slapping may have Freudian significance. 



    I nearly expected Trump to say, ” We’ve all been watching it! Russia vs Ukraine is turning out to be one of the top reality shows of the year! I love it and am so honored to have one its stars here in the White House today!”



    Can’t watch :( Did they say something significant?



    No. Trump: I’m so honored to have President Poroshenko here.” Poroshenko stares into camera. Trump: “Would you like to say something?”

    Poroshenko: I am so honored to be here in your presence. Thank you for your continued support. [Poroshenko starts slapping the top of his left hand with the palm of his right hand] Ukraine fights for freedom and democracy! SLAP Ukraine fights for territorial integrity! SLAP. 



    This “slapping” was a suggestion to Trump that he should limit his hand gestures while talking? :)

    Anyway, I guess they weren’t really prepared for the meeting then. Or didn’t wanted to tell much on the TV, Kremlin watches.



    Nothing significant was said. Maybe just to show that Ukraine and USA are still allied?



    I guess so ;)



    I was staring at Donald’s hair throughout the whole video. :D



    Хаха, the handslapping and the things that have constantly been said but not fulfilled!  Both [Trump i Poroshenko] are really gut busting comedians!   :D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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