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    Don't you just hate it when you're playing a really vital role in a ceremony for Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and it all goes a little bit wrong?

    The ceremony took place on Monday, and unsurprisingly this clip has now made its way onto YouTube.

    The magic moment happens at around 11 seconds – and as Daily Picks And Flicks notes: “The best part is not the guard’s smooth recovery, but the way both presidents barely kept straight faces through the blunder.”

    Відбулася офіційна церемонія зустрічі Президентів України й Азербайджану




    Nice save. And that march at the end was good.


    Nice save. And that march at the end was good.

    ;D Actually, the marching was my favorite part.  :D



    Too bad it was in honor of that Azeri criminal.



    I think they should include this move into the greeting ceremony from now on.  :)



    Lol … But it's not really his fault imo. Afterall, why do they and the Russians have to keep those hats so damn huge? I mean, look at those things! ;D



    I am under impression of this soldier’s reflex. I can imagine how stressed he was performing the greetings ceremony before two presidents, but how he managed to be so cold blooded when he accidentally knocked off his cap? Kudos to him. On the other hand there is not so easy to become a saber master. Luckily he didn’t hurt himself. In that case I doubt the presidents' faces were so cool  :D

    Anyway, I am sure that thanks to this unusual situation they will remember him well  :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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