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    I'm a cat lover (I have one cat, named Zelda) and I was curious if Ukraine has its own breed(s) of this animal. Well, it does! The Ukrainian Levkoy. This breed is unique to Ukraine and Russia.

    Also, I am wondering: Are there animal or pet breeds unique to your Slavic country?

    Ukrainian Levkoy Cats


    The Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukrainian: Український левкой) is a cat breed of distinct appearance, having inward-folding ears and little to no hair. These cats are of medium size with a longish body, appearing both muscular and slender. They have soft, elastic skin; an excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. The breed is not recognized by any major, international cat fancier and breeder organizations, only Ukrainian and Russian clubs.

    The Levkoy's peculiar features are: special angular contour of its head and "stepped" profile (dog-face appearance), folded ears and large, but not wide almond-shaped eyes. The cats express sexual dimorphism, which is a  phenotypic difference between males and females of the same species, meaning that there are obvious differences between the male and female of the species. This cat is still a stranger to most animal lovers. The breed started to develop in 2000 in the Ukraine. The developer, Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova, achieved the Levkoy's look by breeding hairless Donskoy Sphynx females and Scottish Fold males.



    The Ukrainian Levkoy is recognized as a potential "Champion" cat in Russian and Ukrainian "Best In Show" competitions. Organizations in other countries are working on mating the new breed, and they consider the Ukrainian Levkoy as an experimental breed and therefore not eligible for the "Champion" title.



    Ukrainian Levkoys usually give birth to a littler of three to five kittens. These newborns need to be given round-the-clock attention for 16 weeks. The extra care is required because young hairless cats tend to be weaker that their furry counterparts.



    Due to the natural dominant mutations of folded ears in the males and hairless bodies in the females, the result of this pairing was a feline with inward folded ears and no hair.

    Stand-out features aside, Ukrainian Levkoys have an athletic, medium-sized body covered in wrinkled skin. These cats also have what is known as a "stepped" profile, which gives the animal more of a dog-like facial appearance.



    Similar to other hairless cat breeds, Ukrainian Levkoys are energetic and curious. These cats will be acting like kittens far beyond their first birthday. For playtime they are flexible, enjoying a variety of toys and playing alone or with another cat.

    Ukrainian Levkoys are generally social cats, forming close bonds with their families. The breed is also known for enjoying a good massage and is not ashamed to jump from lap to lap to see who has the best stroke.

    Ukrainian Levkoys are known for being loyal to their owners. Levkoy lovers say that their cat often greets them at the door and follows them from room to room.



    With Ukrainian Levkoys, less hair means more work. Like other hairless breeds, Levkoys do not have the oils necessary to keep their bodies clean. This means weekly baths. Additionally, hairless cats have a higher metabolism, so this breed may require more food and water than other felines.

    Ukrainian Levkoys are especially susceptible to skin cancer, sunburns and hypothermia because of their lack of hair. If given the correct treatment and protection from the elements, Ukrainian Levkoys live long and active lives. The breeds life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

    Since the cat breed is relatively new, most of the felines are located in the Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Expect to wait several more years before you see these pussycats become popular in other parts of the world.

    Two short videos of this breed.

    Our funny ukrainian levkoy cat Hulda

    Украинский левкой. Кот и ворона.



    The cat is so cute in the video. She acts like other normal furry cats.



    I like cats very much, but it looks more than ugly  :-X



    God damn looks like some Chernobyl cat. I like cat's in general, but these without hair look like Satan spawn.



    Pentaz, I also wanted to remind Chernobyl :)

    Their eyes and shape of body reminds me of some fantasy creatures. But unfortunately, I'm an alergic. :( The second one's eyes and skull are awesome. But all of them look somehow "serious". Like some elven hunters. ;)

    Answering your question:

    Are there animal or pet breeds unique to your Slavic country?

    We do. The most famous animal in Poland is żubr, but in fact he live also in Belarus, Lithuania and possibly Russia and Ukraine (I'm not sure). In English language is called European bison.

    The second one is konik polski. It is a horse which is a "descendant" of already extinct tarpan. I'm not sure if they are present only in Poland, maybe also somewhere in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus, but I have no idea about that.


    Chernobyl cat.

    i was thinking the same  ;D
    famine + radiation = this thing


    God damn looks like some Chernobyl cat. I like cat's in general, but these without hair look like Satan spawn.

    ;D ;D rofllmao

    Christmas List

    Pentaz: Ukrainian Levkoy Cat  ;D

    Prelja: Something lovely, but NOT a Ukrainian Levkoy! :D



    You can learn to love them. Once you start taking care of them in your home, you will see how beautiful they really are.



    Ahem, they are not beautiful


    You can learn to love them. Once you start taking care of them in your home, you will see how beautiful they really are.

    I like them already, due to their uniqueness.



    They remind me of the bald bears. I can't decide which is cuter though.




    These cats are so cute. I want to own one like that but I already have three  :D
    They seem to be bigger than average cats.

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