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    Ukrainian Music Festivals You Must Visit This Summer Or You’ll Be Sorry

    There are many ideas you might have for a summer holiday this year. Music festivals are a way to spend interesting time in a new place, enjoying the music you like, having fun and meeting new people.

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    Great list!

    I’ll add three more.

    Ostrov Festival

    Fri, 30 Jun 2017 – Sun, 2 Jul 2017

    Venue /

    Trukhaniv Island

    Parkova doroha str., Trukhaniv Island, Kiev,

    Ukraine Ukraine

    Our own island just in the middle of the Kyiv (Kiev) city, 3 days of music and a huge line-up of DJs, performing on three stages – that what makes Ostrov Festival one of the top events in Ukraine’s electronic music industry that everyone waits for.

    Since the first Ostrov in 2013, thousands of people have visited the festival and the line up each year was full of the most current musicians and DJs. During the last years, Ostrov Festival has become one of the most exciting live events not only for Ukrainian music fans, but also for people from around the world.

    With idea to become more global and to mark 5 years of the event, Ostrov Festival have decided to open the doors for all visitors from abroad. Just in few weeks we recieved hundreds of requests from people from: Poland, Ireland, Georgia, Romania, Latvia, Hungary, France, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, England, Russia, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, the Netherlands, Australia and USA.

    Join Ostrov festival now and become a part of 3-days celebration of electronic music right in the middle of Ukraine’s capital.



    Etnovyr International Folklore Festival

    23-27 August 2017, Lviv, Ukraine


    The Etnovyr International Folklore Festival is an annual cultural event held in the Ukrainian city of Lviv around the Independence Day of Ukraine celebrated on August 24. It has been organized by the non-government organization Etnovyr in partnership with Lviv City Council since 2008.

    Etnovyr was founded in 2008 to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Ukraine and to boost tourism. It organized the first festival in August 2008 to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine. The festival has been held every year since, except for 2014 when it was canceled because of the Crimean crisis and war in Donbass.

    In addition to the annual International Folklore Festival, Etnovyr holds a series of art and cultural events, educational programs and other projects throughout the year. They include an international tourism forum, the Easter Egg Festival, Batiar Day, and more. Etnovyr is a member of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals (CIOFF) and the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV).

    This year, 2017, will feature a folk group from Macedonia, among others. The folklore ensemble «Kitka»

    The folklore ensemble «Kitka» from Istibanja was founded in 1975.

    «Kitka» presents the folk culture of Macedonia and charm the audience from all over the world by its dances and songs. The ensemble has performed in over 30 countries including Poland, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Israel, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Rumania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Georgia, Japan.

    Their spectacular performances and the orchestra which consist of original authentic instruments resulted in many festivals «Kitka» was the laureate.


    Bandershtat (Bandera State Music Festival) Lutsk, Volyn, Ukraine, August 4-6, 2017


    If you still hesitate whether to go to this year’s “Bandershtat” here’s a strong case. We collected 10 reasons why Ukrainian festival spirit – in the list of mandatory measures certainly worth a visit in the summer of 2017. Plan your holiday on 4-6 August!


    One of the most lasting traditions “Bandershtat” – not drinking alcohol. The festival promotes the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle. Every year thousands of public satisfaction with off under a powerful music without the influence of alcohol. Incidentally, the festival authorities Luts’k always forbids even sell alcohol near the “Bandershtat.”


    If you think that festyvalyty – a prerogative of only young people – that you have never been to “Bandershtat.” We annually can be seen and respected veterans, and carefree children. Everyone has something to do. For the youngest “bandershtativtsiv” on a specially equipped area daily conduct different types of workshops, games and fun.


    More people in the embroidery can be seen except on Independence Day! Bandershtativtsi like traditional clothing and readily communicate Nightingale. Patriotic whole atmosphere prevails on “Bandershtat”, it is no wonder it is a festival of Ukrainian spirit.


    Remember your story and create new decent – an important leitmotif “Bandershtat.” Each year the event is visited by veterans of the UPA, held demonstrations and reconstruction rebel Liberation battles.


    An integral part of the “Bandershtat” – meeting with opinion leaders. Writers, journalists, musicians, historians, ministers, politicians, bloggers – each year we invite the most interesting figures who are creating our future.


    On “Bandershtat” everyone feels “at ease.” Even if you arrive at the festival alone, we miss you here just do not give. Plus have a good opportunity to visit a comfortable, cozy and compact Luck. That – hometown “Bandershtat.”


    Thousands crowd “Bandershtat” never has the garbage. This can verify if you look at the fan zone near the stage after speaking musicians. This again emphasizes the minds of visitors of the festival.


    Do not spend a thousand for the wind to rest at the festival. 450 USD – cost of the ticket for three days “Bandershtat.” In the camp we traditionally free. At the festival you can and eat – an average dinner spend 40-80 USD.


    An integral part “Bandershtat” became a massive flash mob involving guests of the festival. With dozens of visitors had formed the words “Bandera”, “UPA”, “WPS-PNH”, “Victory”, “UA”. This year, the festival serves traditions and is preparing a new batch of patriotic flashmob.


    Eleventh “Bandershtat” this year expects a record number of visitors. This is the only music festival in Ukraine, which takes place continuously over many years. Further increases its audience each season.




    System wants to annex Ukraine! Slavorum social justive warriors, where are you?! Protect Ukrainian schools from being closed again! 



    How is that even possible? Ukraine is an independent country – those EVIL POLES WANT TO INVADE! 


    yeah I am just fooling around, making a parody sort of :)



    I admit I was engaging in a bit of provocation by including Bandera State Music Festival.  :D



    @Karpivna, I wonder how many people are genuinely interested in this Bandershtat. :D 



    9351 like their Facebook page.

    585 going so far. 1000 interested in going.



    Something tells me the list of bands mentioned there will soon become a list of bands that will be forbidden from having concerts in Poland :D



    OT VINTA is already banned in Poland. I don’t know if that was ever lifted.

    I love these statements:

    On “Bandershtat” everyone feels “at ease.” (Even the POLISH PEOPLE.)  Even if you arrive at the festival alone, we miss you here just do not give. Plus have a good opportunity to visit a comfortable, cozy and compact Luck. That – hometown “Bandershtat.”  :* 

    Each year the event is visited by veterans of the UPA, held demonstrations and reconstruction rebel Liberation battles.
    (Watch how we got rid of the Polish People. That was fun!)



    Recently in Lviv was a festival, known as “Grand Prix Leopolis” that has roots in 1930. Some folks decided to wear SS-Galizien “uniforms”. :D 

    I wonder what is going to be next :D 

    Ot Vinta seems to still be banned here. If not anymore, then surely will be banned again, with its company.



    there are plenty of good festivals here in Serbia I won’t visit, why add Ukrainian ones? :D Actually there are two of the Europe’s best festivals right in the city I study in…



    Good point @Dušan, I was never on any Polish festival myself. :D As a teenager I wanted to go to a Woodstock Festival in Poland (name comes from the American one) or to Jarocin Festival. Eventually I didn’t.



    I visited festivals and I’ve even taken part in some myself, but I certainly won’t go to Ukraine for a festival anytime soon.

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