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    How come there are both Ukrainian places names in Romania (Moldova and Maramuresh)  and Serbian ones (Banat), despite the fact that there never was a Serb statehood comprising parts of Romania (contrary to Ukrainian domination of Moldovan part of it)? There are still some old Slavic place names in Banat that appear to be Middle Bulgarian like Toplet (pron. Toplets) instead of Toplac (Bg Toplec). The Ro rendition of Toplac would be Toplyts (y being approximately the phonem corresponding to the first "a" in English "again" – similar schwas exist in Bulgarian and Slovene).



    Im from California born and raised, my grandfather was from parts unknown in Austro-Hungary. I have records showing my family coal mined in Domani near Resita, Romania. I only speak English so my thoughts are really speculation. My surname in the old records shows up several versions and it seems to be similiar to villages in several countries haha! we go by Wykofka but the there was a o so it was Woykofka. I have seen some records show Woykoska,Wykoska,Wojkofka,Voykofka,Voykoska….
    I know the is the city in Poland called Wojkowka, in the Czech Republic Vojkov, in Russia Vojkovska (if i remember correctly). anybody want to send me in the right direction lol

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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