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    Vladimir Putin on military parade in Serbian capital

    Vladimir Putin has visited it’s closest alliance in central Europe on Thursday exchanging vows of support with Serbia and attending a military parade in Belgrade on a scale that has not been seen i…

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    it was trully awesome to vitness it! :D



    It was amazing. The whole thing, from his speech to the parade. Strizhi really removed some black clouds later ;) Our military still have what to show. It was great to see Putin, the leader of our Russian brothers in Belgrade. And at the end of his speech he said: ДА ЗДРАВСТВУЕТ БРАТСКАЯ СЕРБИЯ!!!



    Think the statement is clear, Russia has interests and friends in Europe. Think Russia support will be used as leverage against the EU in Serbian joining negotiations?



    EU will use this for sure. Even before Putin arrival, there were some unofficial channels from EU who were warning Serbia for this. The problem is in serbian government, who seems to be devided in question EU or RF. Serbia isn`t strong enough to sit on both chairs. The parade was good, but presidental speech of Nikolić was, IMO, very dubious. Once again, IMO. He didn`t care much about partisan and communist contribution for liberating the Belgrade. He was blalering something about WW I. I know it is hard for him, TBH, the man was Vojvoda, on the opposite side of the liberators of Belgrade. For me the real question is what was the serbian gain in all of this? Nobody cannot escape the question of benefits. Arrival of Putin is going to boost the economy of Serbia or not? Will after this Serbia be more depeanding on RF? For me these are the real questions.
    I speak only from my, croatian angle. Because any shift in “powers” in our region have repercusions on my country. I think that my serbian friends would provide me a good answers :D

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @KnezIvan i think Serbia is having a good approach, negotiating both with EU and RF…while other EU countries just sack themselves from one beneficial trading partner.



    If you look closely Serbia is that kind of country. She is almost all in RF sphere of interest. Serbia isn`t Yugoslavia or under Tito leadership to maintain it`s own idenpendent state. And afterall the situation in world isn`t like it was under Cold War pariod. The another problem of Serbia is her neighbourous. They are part of EU or are on strong path. If Serbia is going to stick with RF she is going to be isolated. And i don`t know how long serbian economy can stand that situation. TBH there is no difference between EU colony (Croatia), and RF gubernije, but in this case and in this place it is better to be along EU then RF. This is pure benefit POV. Politics do not recognize “brotherly” love between countries. For example russian gas price is much higher for Serbs then Croats. RF control almost all serbian energetic sector. Lot of those contracts are very bad for Serbs. Serbia depends a lot on RF gas etc… There are no black and white things, there is a lot of gray things.
    Croatia on other hand have an option in EU. I was always in favour of Višegrad group. By any paragraph Croatia should have it`s own place in that group. All countires are simmilar and connected in more then one way. Croatia with Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and other could have better protection of their interest and in some way this group could easily resist German influence.



    It’s hard to celebrate the defeated side of the winner. Serbia is still a very powerful local player who has the most powerful influence in the region. On the other hand in Serbia are very powerful lobbies various, which stretch to each side. So it still can not be found with herself. The Church insists on the long failed project of Greater Serbia from the 19th century. Nationalist forces defeated in IIWW I can not forget the London Agreement. Intellectual elites wish to restore the reputation of the nation. All of them, the best of intentions, the true unseen evil people, Serbs, recklessly, and some deliberately, causing animosity among other nations. About foreign agencies not to talk, one of which is not any interest Serbs to any place. The Serbs themselves deluded liars and frauds of all kinds, can not seem to find an elite, which will turn them to their own devices. What will eventually encircle the Serbian nation in the political sense. What will encircle Serbian national space and economy, to become a prosperous society. There is no use if the neighbor’s cow, it’s a loss for the entire village.

    (Teško je poraženoj strani slaviti pobjednika. Srbija je ipak vrlo moćan lokalni igrač koji ima najmoćniji uticaj u regionu. S druge strane u Srbiji su vrlo moćni razni lobiji, koji je razvlače na svaku stranu. Tako ona ni danas ne može da se nađe sama sa sobom. Crkva insistira na davno propalom projektu Velike Srbije iz 19. vijeka. Nacionalističke snage poražene u IIS.R. ne mogu zaboraviti Londonski Sporazum. Intelektualne elite žele povratiti ugled naciji. Svi oni, iz najboljih namjera, prave neviđeno zlo narodu Srba, nesmotreno, a neki i namjerno, izazivajući animozitete kod drugih naroda. O stranim službama da ne pričamo, od kojih nijednoj nije interes Srba ni na jedno mjestu. Sami Srbi zaluđeni lažovima i prevarantima svake vrste, nikako da nađu elitu, koja će ih okrenuti same sebi. Koja će najzad zaokružiti srpsku naciju u političkom smislu. Koja će zaokružiti srpski nacionalni prostor i ekonomiju, kako bi postali prosperitetno društvo. Nema se nikakve koristi ako komšiji crkne krava, to je gubitak za cijelo selo.)

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