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    "Ishak-beg Ishaković" award was awarded to turkish prime-minister Erdogan in Sarajevo during the previous week. Ishak-bey founded Turkish town of Sarajevo in the area of old Bosnian Slavic settlement called Vrhbosna (top of Bosnia) 550 years ago.  Modern political body in Sarajevo is highly turkophilic and ignores Bosnian history before the Ottomans. The award itself comes from a cultural institution but politics is the answer on all issues in Bosnia. 

    Erdogan said this during the reception: "…and off course, I want to mention with gratitude the first governor of Bosnia and commander – sultan Mehmed Fatih II and Ishak-bey Ishakovic which is considered to be the founder of this city…"

    Neo-Ottoman propaganda knows no limits. Erdogan added that Ishak-bey raised Sarajevo on the ground of "love, brotherhood and friendship"…I guess Turks like to explain their invasion in such manner. 

    Bosnians who are aware and proud of their Slavic origin very well know that turkish settlements are not the cradle of life in this area. Vrhbosna is Slavic name and place that existed 500 years at least before the Turks came and established their colony on its territory. This is the message sent by the Praskozorje movement when they put a banner on one of the bridges in Sarajevo during the ceremony.

    [img width=700 height=400]http://praskozorje.weebly.com/uploads/4/2/4/4/4244718/9930264_orig.jpg”/>

    "Vrhbosna – older than 1462"

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