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    I wonder what role somebody's weight had in the old Slavic culture. Was is like in Africa that if you were overweight, you were considered rich and beautiful? Was it for men or women? Or both?



    Well, I would guess that (at least partially) yes. Our modern beauty ideas are quite anomalous for humans, because we live in a relative abundance of food and goods (and weight is no longer an indication of wealth, moreover, nowadays it's quite reversed). I'm pretty sure modern girl models would be considered unattractive, poor and starved in medieval times :) That would apply for every medieval European country I think, just look at the Renaissance or Baroque paintings with women (or medieval ones, but it would be rather hard to find appropriate images ;) ), they are a bit overweight according to modern standards.

    Of course this applies rather for women, and doesn't imply extreme fatness.

    As for men, I only remember a short mention in some Ruthenian chronicle, that Boleslaus I (the Brave) was so fat that he could barely sit on a horse, when he attacked Yaroslav the Wise. He was mocked by Ruthenian forces for his fatness, so it's quite probable that being overweight was rather unwelcomed for men. On the other hand, this would also mean that there was a correlation between weight and power :D



    i think that applied rather to richer people, moreover many "celebrities" of those times, including painters, were usually a bit depraved  :)
    i think common folk girls were rather slim, in my opinion this was normal at least few centuries back  :)



    Am not exactly African but yeah i realy like bit of "content" on women. ;D



    When my great grandmother first met my dad, she said he was too skinny and she had to fatten him up.  She made him her famous apple pie with bacon fat instead of butter.

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