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    Whacky buildings from Slavic countries

    Whacky buildings from Slavic countries – it’s your lucky day because we’re just to bring you some of…

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    The Croatian boat-house reminds me of a restaurant, which used to exist in my area (the outskirts of Sofia, about 400+ km from the sea), naturally called The Ship, which was also an actual ship turned into a land-based restaurant. Was quite the hit in commie times, even received delegations of foreign heads-of-state back then.



    The new bivouac (bivak) in Slovenian Alps :)

    Nov bivak pod Skuto

    Zgodba rekonstrukcije Bivaka II na Jezerih se je nesrečno končala. Nismo vrgli puške v koruzo in za že skoraj povsem izdelani tja-namenjen čudovit bivak izbrali alternativno lokacijo. Lepotec je nadomestil (stari) bivak pod Skuto na Malih podih na 2070 m in stoji v osrčju Kamniških Alp.



    Or this other bivouac (bivak) in Slovenian Alps :) 



    Or this 3rd  (bivak) in Slovenian Alps :blush: 



    I dunno, I usually go into the mountain to get away from modern architecture. I find “cubism” or what have you soul-crushing. Can’t see the appeal of living in something that looks like power distribution infrastructure.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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