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    Either negative or positive, what are they?



    I don’t really know what are most common stereotypes about Serbians, but I’m gonna guess their pretty negative. Maybe @srdceleva could help me with this, since Vienna is full of people from Serbia.



    It depends on the level of ignorance from the side of the “observer”. There are people who don’t know us Slovaks and Slovakia at all and they would probably put most of central and eastern European countries plus Balkans to Russia.



    Hmm… According to former Yugoslavs, we (Bulgarians) are Mongol-Tatars. According to many Westerners, we’re Gypsies. And, of course, according to us, we’re the source of everything great in this world, but have fallen victim to [insert conspiracy group here].



    Americans…to foreigners we can be a bit of a contradiction. Seems that we’re either fat, soft, and effeminate, or gun-obsessed warmongering cowboys. Either way we’re very uneducated, and we eat ONLY McDonald’s and other fast food. Not a single American knows how to cook, or even eats at decent restaurants. None of us knows more than one language, or has any connection to our roots. We’re a country of chubby, decadent transsexuals or protestant war-machines bent on making the entire world “more America”. 

    To us, at least the right-leaning Americans, we’re the greatest goddamned thing that has ever happened to civilization. Our military is perfect, can do no wrong, and should be venerated to near-godhood. Not sainthood, ‘cuz that would mean we’d be like the filthy Catholics. Our food is the best – the south gifted the world BBQ, New York has the world’s best pizza, Texas took Mexican food and just made it better – and even McDonald’s is better than that weird foreign trash y’all suck down. Oh, and every single person even VISITING this country should speak ONLY English – and the American way, by God! *cue the screaming of a thousand bald eagles and the firing of millions of AR-15’s*

    Oh, and though they hate brown people and think the Natives should stop complaining, those same Americans described above absolutely insist that they have a great grandmother who was Native American, and a Cherokee princess at that.



    “So true!” :D



    @”Kapitán Denis”

    Makes me wonder why we have grocery stores, farms and nice restaurants at all, hahaha



    @texczech82 Grocery stores and farms for testing GMO on people and nice restaurants only for millionaires and for shooting TV shows like Undercover Boss, I think. :D



    That’s got to be it! I must be a member of the millionaire elite, then!  :D
    Minus the stores, as no Americans know how to use a stove, oven or grill.

    Oh, and questioning the government is only ok if the president belongs to the party you hate. Jesus, we’re fucked.



    @NikeBG Mongol-Tatars is pretty modern. Backstabbers and Gypsies is traditional. And that last part you wrote goes for every Balkan nation doesn’t it.



    @”Kapitán Denis” I heard that Austrians consider Slovaks thiefs, because many Gypsies with Slovak citizenship operate there.



    @texczech82 I have to admit I used  American type to describe how fat a person was just few hourss ago…




    No worries, man. You’re all Russian gypsies, and I’m a fat tranny with a McDonald’s addiction and an armory that would make ISIS drool.  :D



    According to Austrians everyone is a thief. :D



    @Dušan stereotypes of serbs: like to party and spend money freely even though they don’t have money. stereotypes of serbs are pretty similar to the rest of eastern euros here. People who speak a Slavic language from the East who drink a lot and have nice girls. Serbs are pretty well accepted in Vienna as part of Viennese culture now and ive never heard of any Austrians complaining about them, though there are some derogatory terms for them. 

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