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    Olga Kysil



    Velka Opice


    Cajuns are second only to Czech Americans when it comes to fun accordion music.



    I am in a mood for some legendary Polish songs. This one right now, in live version.

    And when he will come also for me –

    The Purple Watchmaker of Light,

    To mix the blue in my head,

    I will be bright, and I will be ready.


    The days will flow right throughout me,

    The floors and the airs will fade away,

    I will look on everything for one more time,

    And I will go, not knowing where – forever.


    Kapitán Denis

    How every hill in Central Slovakia SHOULD sound!


    Olga Kysil

    Great music @gaiuscoriolanus and @kapitan-denis The sheep video with the music was very relaxing.

    The Russians stole this song from the Ukrainians! Can you believe it? How low can you get!

    Another version of this song.

    The rifleman bids farewell to his native land

    The rifleman bid farewell to his dear family,
    And rode off there on a distant road.
    For his native land, for the rifleman’s tradition
    Accepted battle as a personal struggle.

    But the wind does sway the silken grass,
    A young oak bends down so low,
    Rustling it’s leaves… A slain rifleman there lays,
    Beside him his horse is troubled.

    Oh horse, my dear horse, don’t stand here beside me,
    And don’t rake the ground with your hoof.
    Run oh my horse, do tell my dear mother,
    That I lie here in the woods, slain.

    Let my father, and mother, and family and sister,
    Let them not weep after me.
    I lie in the woods, for my native land suffer,
    A black crow already beside me does crow.

    Not a few of the Kozaks for freedom did fall,
    And none among them shall again stand.
    Our Ukraine has been, our Ukraine is alive,
    Our Ukraine once again will arise.


    Different lyrics

    <span>Saying goodbye to his native, He </span>
    <span>went to a distant road. </span>
    <span>For our native land, for the rifle’s custom, </span>
    <span>We go to battle for our victory. </span>

    <span>And the wind in the wilderness was more grass, the </span>
    <span>oak bent green toward the bottom, the </span>
    <span>leaves rustling, the shooter killed. </span>
    <span>Above him, his grass roared. </span>

    <span>”Oh, horse, my horse, do not stand by me, </span>
    <span>I will fall into the field, run </span>
    <span>my horse, tell my mother-in-law, </span>
    <span>I’m lying in the steppe.” </span>

    <span>They are the father and mother, and their sister sisters, </span>
    <span>Let them not cry for me, </span>
    <span>I’m lying in the wilderness for my idea, The </span>
    <span>black currents are flooding at me.</span>


    Olga Kysil

    Please post legendary songs from your countries.



    Oh, for frack’s sake, @Perun, I can’t seem to post in my own thread (and not for the first time)!

    Edit: Ok, it seems I just can’t post any links. Still a serious problem.


    Kapitán Denis

    Olga Kysil

    @kapitan-denis Well, that legendary Slovak music certainly woke me up! 😀  At bedtime, I can listen to the relaxing sheep video and have Sweet Slovak Dreams!


    Olga Kysil

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