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    Just became a student of University of Ljubljana.  I plan to stay there when i finish my studies. Keep wondering what do Slovenes think of other nations, in my case Serbian from Bosnia 😮 ?



    Slav nation*  i stand corrected.



    They’ll gonna hate you and shout bad names at you. Don’t know how they call other Balkan Slavs, @Povhec knows.



    They hate them. Hate them all. They gather every night into their ABC fortified basements and plot nuclear annihilation,
    vigorously rubbing their hands.
    Don’t believe a Slovene’s fake smile and lying words – they are known to put up a friendly facade just to stab you in the back the minute you let your guard down.



    Yeah i’ll be waiting you with a burning cross.

    Well other south Slavs are considered aggressive, hothead and sometimes stupid. Many people just simply lump Croats, Bosniaks, Montenegrins and Serbs as Bosanci, not necessarily because they don’t know the difference. Macedonians aren’t really profiled much and Bulgarians are not well known here. Its hard to say we don’t talk about other Slavs very much but calling someone Čeh (Czech) is a slur in some places but exact meaning is unknown to me. I’d say maybe east is associated with alcoholism, idk. But then again i must say there is wide range of opinions among individuals.

    Since you are Serb. Serbs are considered bossy by some older generations.

    Now those are just some typical negatives in reality Slovenes are
    predominantly positive towards all and for the most part you will be
    judged on individual level.

    Actually many people don’t know much about Slavs or even what Slav is tbh. Also i had heard some folks for example say Pravoslavci pray to many Gods. Or one of my friends thought his coworker is Orthodox and said to me he can’t eat pork and drink booze. That’s mostly newer generations. Older ones know these things.



    There is much appreciation towards Russia. What Serbs don’t know is that many young or uneducated Russians don’t know there are Slavs living in the Balkans. To them Slavs are Russians. Maybe Ukrainians and Belarusians. 🙂 



    I can’t speak on
    behalf of the whole nation, but from my point of view among all Slavs the Czechs
    are the most similar to us, but a more relaxed and with a better humor. Their
    language is also very appealing to us.

    For south Slavs in
    general, they have more a “clan” mentality, which means that they are very
    loyal and caring if you are their close friend or a family member.  But on the other hand they lack of awareness
    of broader community interests and the sense of public good. They don’t
    emphasis general politeness towards other people, fairness, orders, rules, environmental
    issues..  And they also function more on
    emotional rather than rational level. If they do something wrong and you don’t
    take their side they would feel betrayed. Also conservative and superstitious.

    Serbians are
    considered laid back, good hosts, friendly and outgoing, but also kind of
    people that rather than working prefer the supervisor type of jobs.

    Bosnians are
    considered not very educated but hard workers, modest and good people.

    Croatians it depends
    on the region, some regions like Gorski kotar or Varazdin  are not very different than Slovenian.  For other regions it can be said that they
    like to show off, be important, and appear important. If in Slovenia, for a business
    meeting, you show up in Armani clothes you might be considered as a person who
    only cares about getting rich and only thinks about himself and not to do fair business
    and quality work. But in Croatia it is a Jackpot, you are immediately considered
    as someone important..

    Polish are considered
    very religious. Russia is considered “the land of our origin” and we feel we
    are connected to them. But we also think they are blind to see that what
    matters in life is the quality of life of ordinary people, and not the power, so
    called “traditional values” and the “greatness” of their country. Bur despite that,
    on the individual level, Russians are considered good people, just with self-control
    issues when drunk. And they don’t like admitting their mistakes, instead, they
    would just point out your mistakes and start a never ending story of mutual


    But as I said, I don’t
    know if this opinion can be generalized as the opinion of Slovenian people. But
    at least the people that I know think this kind of things about other Slavs. 



    >the quality of life of ordinary people, and not the power, so called “traditional values” and the “greatness” of their country

    This is why Russia is a great power and Slovenia is a country of no consequence.
    Because Slovenes can’t see further and have no higher aspirations than a full belly.
    Slave morality in a nutshell.



    @aaaaa it also could be because Slovenia is smaller than a single oblast in Russia and nobody can find it on map… You just can’t compare those two in anything but mentality, which cannot be taken as a reason behind huge differences between two countries in those terms.



    @Dušan Russia started off with a single city, as did Rome. It’s the idea that comes first. Values and greatness over comfort and contentedness.
    “Quality of life” is a side effect, which you won’t retain for long, if you make it your value system. Unfortunately this seems to be the value system of all of Europe right now, which is why it’s going to hell.



    Of course Russia is a
    great power. Slovenia is a country with little “consequences«, but
    I dare to believe that even if small, the consequences are positive.
    Prosperity is important, to provide good education for the children, health
    care and aid for those members of society that cannot provide for themself.

    You are wrong, there is a higher aspiration, but it’s not to be a great
    power, but a decent life for every citizen (even if they are old, disabled, of
    foreign origin, single mother etc..).

    To sum up, you can be great and powerful as you want, I still prefer it
    our way. It’s not about consequences it’s about if these consequences are
    positive or negative for the natives and ALL other people around.



    so you suggest Slovenia should start expanding and imposing their culture, language and identity on surrounding nations? Of course, Trst, Štajerska, Koruška and Burgenland first and then nations related to Slovenes, so all south Slavs could be Slovenes… Then when, they have reached Czechia (new name ftw) via Burgenland, they can annex it, since, as oberkreiner said, they are most similar to them. But Czechia is closely related to Slovakia, so it must too be included in this great vision and we all remember that Carpathian Ruthenia was part of first Czechoslovakia, so it too should be included. Now we have Hungary in the middle of our great Slovene federation, which is not so great, so we should annex Hungary and give them all rights the need as long as they are loyal citizens of the Slovene federation, something like those Asiatic peoples have in RF… I think I covered it all, correct me of I’m wrong. Then we could be great and not giving a fuck about quality of life, which is subjective anyways…
    And just out of curiosity, could you explain why is Europe going to hell exactly?



    @oberkrainer that’s not a decent life for every citizen, that’s a soul crushing anti-utopia. Without losers there are no winners and life loses its purpose. It would be like a championship where every match ends in a draw.

    >Now we have Hungary in the middle of our great Slovene federation, which is not so great

    They didn’t have much of a problem with all those Slavs in the AH Empire so why would the great Slovene Empire have one with Magyars?



    @aaaaa I meant in a territorial sense, Hungary would be surrounded on three sides and would make travel and transportation of goods and military more difficult. Look up what was happening to Slavs living in Hungarian part of AH after 1848, long story short-Magyarization. 



    Panonnian Slavs are seldom mentioned. They were assimilated by Hungarians , which is the reason why modern Hungarians are genetically similar to the neighbouring Slavs. Eastern and central Europe would have been interesting (or boring) if there was a Slavic continuum between Slovenia, Croatia and Czechia and Slovakia.


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