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    It seems that they are the closest to Slavs regarding habits, folklore and mythology. How are they regarded in each Slavic country?

    I think Lithuanians and Poles have a lot in common due to their centuries of Commonwealth, but Latvians, though Central European and not quite Nordic as Estonia, seem to convey a different impression than its neighboring countries. A unique Central European country, maybe, with a mix of Nordic and Central Europeans traditions.

    Anyway, what are your opinions regarding anything about them? (Food, habits, folklore, mentality…)




    Latvians were a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth too. And they’re less mad about it than Lithuanians are.



    If Latvia and Lithuania are Central European then the British Isles are in North America 




    Now they are considered to belong to Northern Europe, but Lithuania, due to their longtime Commonwealth with Poland, was more correctly placed in Central Europe, even more concerning religion, culture and habits.

    Latvia is somewhere in between (as it always is). It has got some Nordic traits mixed with some Central European commonalities.

    In fact, I was using those terms as in refering to culture, and not really the modern conventions of location.



    Only eastern Latvia (Latgale) were part of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth for a short period of time.

    Lithuania today is not the same as Lithuania back in the days.

    Today, Lithuanians and Belarusians care about Lithuanian heritage more than Poles, Latvians engaged in endless fights  proving each other who were more Lithuanians in historic context.

    The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (mostly present day eastern & central Lithuania (Aukstaitia) and Belarus) existed between 1250-1795. Eastern Latvia, north Ukraine were also part of the Grand Duchy for a short period of time.

    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth existed between 1569-1795 – for 226 years only. Neither Lithuanians nor Belarusians are fond of that union. The union was necessary to resist Muscovite western expansion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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