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    I’d be keen to get some feedback from our Bulgarian members of what they think of Bulgaria’s new govt and where it’s headed.

    It’s interesting that the current Bulgarian president is supposedly pro-Russian and the new govt now have some pro-Russian parties in it. Will this change Bulgaria’s position towards Russia and NATO/EU? 
    Will the govt become more nationalist in line with current developments in the Balkans?

    Looks like some merky waters ahead…



    New govt same as the old govt. Headed the same place, which is nowhere.
    Any and all change needs to start with a clear plan to get out of the EU and NATO. As long as Bulgaria stays within the EU it’s doomed.



    I agree with aaaaa’s first line – a lot of words, but nothing new under the sun so far.
    Also, while the president is supposedly pro-Russian, during and after his campaign he repeated numerous times that he was an airforce general of a NATO country, that he’s worked well with his NATO partners and that Bulgaria must fulfill all its obligations with its NATO and EU allies. Likewise, our current socialist opposition, although playing occasionally with the pro-Russian nostalgic feelings of its retired electorate, has also expressed its commitment to the EU. So that only leaves the nationalist coalition, mostly the Ataka party, whose leader started his campaign for the latest European parliament elections a few years ago in… Moscow (thus creating the joke that he’s indeed a nationalist, but a Russian, not a Bulgarian one). But I think everybody knows that the “patriots” (and especially Ataka) are full of hot air and the poodle in particular has been behaving seemingly sane lately, so it seems so far they’re on a leash in regards to NATO and especially the EU (hence why, during this campaign, I heard no demands from them about leaving the EU (then again, this campaign I heard almost nothing, from any party’s programs and wish-fulfillments)).



    What? No planned invasions of Vardar Macedonia whilst its in crisis, or Pirot in Serbia and Solun? 

    I wonder what Russia’s position would be if there was (god forbid) another Balkan War? I’d say they’d back the Serbs, but would be very reluctant considering NATO surrounds the region.



    Krasimir Karakachanov, leader of VMRO-BND has been named Deputy PM and Minister of Defence…


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