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    What is your favorite Beer? What Beers the most popular in your country and which ones are the best? What are your goals as a beer consumer?

    My favorites are Nektar, Jelen and Zaječarsko (both light and dark), one Bosnian and two Serbian beer brands. I also like some craft beers, but I don’t drink them too often.

    Most popular beers in Serbia are Jelen and Lav (Deer and Lion), I used to drink Lav more when I just started, but switched to Jelen over the years, now I can’t stand Lav for some reason.

    I like to drink bear, not because I like alcohol, but because I like beer and a lot. I simply like the taste. I want to try as many beers and to stick with the best. Whenever I go somewhere abroad I try to drink local beers (I say I try because I couldn’t do it in Hungary, just awful). Out of Slavic, non-Serbian beers I tried
    Nektar (Bosnia),
    Nikšićko (both light and dark, Montenegro),
    Ožujsko, Pan, Karlovačko, K Plus and Tomislav (Croatia) plus some craft beers, I forgot the names
    Nefitrirani Union, Union, Laško, Pivo (Slovenia, yes they have Beer named Pivo),
    Zlatý Bažant, Kozel, Smädný Mnich, Kelt, Šáriš, Corgoň and Janáček (Slovakia, the last one has unusual taste for me)
    Staropramen, Budweiser Budvar, Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, Krušovice (Czech republic, although I’ve never been to Czech Republic).

    Out of these I liked Nektar, Nefiltrirani Union and Zlatý Bažant the best (If I remember correctly, I haven’t been to Slovakia since 2014).
    I like Laško, Pivo and K plus the least (not sure if K plus is Croatian, could be Serbian)
    I probably left one or two out, but this is a decent list as it is. As I said my goal is to try as many as I can and while doing that to try at least one from each Slavic country.

    Eventually I’d like to make some craft beer myself, my father told me that his grandfather used to do it, he made around 500l a year for personal and family use. So I’d like to revive that tradition in our family and get my hands on his recipe if I can.



    I forgot I prefer tapped over a glass bottle, glass bottle over a can, can over plastic :)



    Recently I mostly drink Perła which originates in my part of a country. But I drink also other beers. Some time ago I was drinking a local beer, available only in few places in a city in which I studied, but no need to mention it. Of Polish beers here the most popular is probably Tyskie, followed by Żywiec and maybe Lech

    Beside the one I mentioned in the first sentence, I often pick also Królewskie and Kasztelan, less often Tatra. I used to drink a lot of Warka, Żubr and Tyskie in the past. As a student also I used to most often drink Harnaś and Książ.  

    The problem is that in Poland it is not often a case of what beer it is, but where is produced. Sometimes there is a letter which says from which brewery the beer came, and although a beer like Lech originates in Poznań, you can see that it may come from different cities – and has different tastes. My brother when was in Elbląg city he bought a beer called EB which originally is from that city. He said it was good. He bought it here and tasted much worse, and it was from different brewery. 

    I haven’t tried many of foreign beers, I don’t count those like Heineken which in theory are foreign but are produced in here. I think I liked Ukrainian Obolon the most. I liked Czech Krušovice too.



    this is much about one´s personal taste as i find Zlaty Bazant one of worst beers ever. Unfortunately many beers nowadays get similiar or the same taste. Especially the canned ones taste much the same.
    In Czech, there are literally hundreds of small breweries producing some high quality beers which the usual brands don´t reach a fingers.



    I like to drink bear, not because I like alcohol, but because I like beer and a lot.

    I first thought that Bear is another Serbian beer brand. :D

    According to ratebeer.com, the best Slovak beers are:
    1. Stupavar Behind the Hills
    2. Wywar Hell Bastard Screaming Bitch
    3. Lánius Eis
    4. Hellstork Tryus Miami Weisse Cuvee Maracuja
    5. Lánius Belgian Hoppy Tripel
    6. Wywar 15 Years In Hell
    7. Hellstork Kraken IPA
    8. Žil Verne Vynález Skazy
    9. Beervana Stoutesso
    10. Lánius Eis Mulberry

    Really weird names and I’ve never seen any of these beers. The best “mainstream” beer is Zlatý Bažant Medový Porter and it’s on the 45th position. :D

    But everyone likes different type of beer, so this rating might not be relevant.
    I don’t really rate beers. If it’s drinkable, I’ll drink it and enjoy the moment. I personally don’t buy beer very often, but when I do, it’s usually Pilsner Urquell (CZ).



    2. Wywar Hell Bastars Screaming Bitch

    O kurwa…. :D




    Zlatý Bažant, Kozel, Smädný Mnich, Kelt, Šáriš, Corgoň and Janáček

    Just some little corrections: Smädný Mních, Šariš



    @GaiusCoriolanus I made a typo, it’s “Bastard”.



    @”Kapitán Denis” those are all some fancy beers you can’t find everywhere. I wrote mainly about popular industrial beers. I asked about your personal opinion and impression. What seems like most popular and what’s your favorite.

    @Jozinko Yes, I agree with you, it’s hard to find quality. I recently found out a place with a rich beer offer in this city I’m currently in, mostly crafted beer, so I’m trying to go through it, but I’m going home in a week, so it’ll have to wait.
    Like I said, maybe I remember wrongly, it’s been almost three years since I drank Slovak beers, maybe I liked something other better. Zlatý Bažant was the first Slovak beer I tried and trust me I was very excited. It was my first time in Slovakia and I wanted to come for so long, it was a dream come true. I was 16 at the time and that was my first taste of Slovak beer, made an impact on me.



    @”Kapitán Denis” thanks, for some reason I always prolong the a in Šariš so I wrote it that way without thinking.



    Here we go! :)

    I don’t really care if it’s a pilsner, ale, IPA, whatever, as long as it tastes good and does the job. 

    I prefer high-alcohol content brews like Mosaic IPA, Revolver Blood and Honey, Velvet Hammer, and Hop Stupid from Lagunitas.

    Though they’re weak as far as the alcohol content, i think the Czech pilsners I’ve had – Czechvar, Praga, Rebel, Pilsner Urquell, and Staropramen – are some of the best-tasting beers I’ve ever had. I like the Shiner beer brand as well. The company was founded in Shiner, Texas by Czech and German immigrants. A couple of their good brews are the Bohemian Black Lager and Shiner Light Blonde – the only truly good “light” beer around here. 

    Texas is also known for Lone Star Beer, which is cheap, but decent. A lot of Texas kids grow up with that one.

    Also, a local brew called Neato Bandito, a “Czech-inspired Mexican style lager” is pretty decent.

    I agree with @Dušan, in that I prefer a cold draught over bottle, bottle over can, can over plastic.



    @texczech82  “Czech-inspired Mexican style lager” way to go, marketing brilliance… Speaking of Mexicans, I tried only Corona from your continent, didn’t like it, watery, lack of taste in general and expensive for me, although Corona exported to the US and the one exported to the rest of the world aren’t brewed in the same place. I heard of Lone Star, I think it was mentioned in some TV shows and films.



    Yeah, Corona isn’t so great. Dos Equis is a bit better, and Modelo is the best, as far as Mexican beer in Texas goes. But, any beer you have to put lime in, in order for it to taste really good, is a bit silly and not that great in the first place.



    @texczech82 I guess we all can agree on the last sentence.
    EDIT: I meant this sentence:

    I prefer a cold draught over bottle, bottle over can, can over plastic.

    @Dušan The popularity of beers in Slovakia is based on where they’re made. Zlatý Bažant would be the most popular beer in western Slovakia, Urpiner in central Slovakia and Šariš in eastern Slovakia.

    BTW, what do you guys think about radlers? Recently they became very popular among young people (at least here).



    @”Kapitán Denis”

    Not a fan of radlers/shandies.

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