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    In Bulgarian, chuvam is hearing, while slusham is listening (similarly to gledam=watching and vizhdam=seeing).



    its interesting how different Slavic languages use the same word for to sense and to smell. Even in Slovak citit/citit sa are used as to smell  and to feel. This is completely different in both German “riechen” and English “to smell,” and German “Fühlen”  and English “to Feel.” its funny though because to reek in English, which is obviously a cognate with German riechen, means to smell freaking horrible. If something reeks you dont wanna be around it. Probably how @texczech82 ‘s wife describes him after hes spent a long day sweating in the Texas sun. 



    @srdceleva thankfully these days I work in an air conditioned office. However, that is exactly how she describes me when I come home from jiu-jitsu.  :D




    English spoken by Texans?




    I stated that my first language is Russian, despite I am not Russian , and my two girls are not Russian.
    I will understand the word ‘чувам’. But too a regular Russian… I don’t know. They will think ‘чуешь’ is the word for a dog that needs to smell.



    @”Kapitán Denis”
    I learned British English and English spoken in Melbourne, Australia.English spoken by Texans sounds beautiful in my ears



    ‘чувам’ has completely different meaning here :D



    I can list many meanings for thе term.  What is general meaning for the term in the place where you live?



    I don’t like the term ‘чувам’.



    @”Kapitán Denis” fairly accurate.



    It means to safeguard



    We have that as well, btw. Also “to have farm animals” (f.e. I chuvam 10 hens and 2 pigs).



    I’m lost.

    f.e. I chuvam 10 hens and 2 pigs

    Is it чувам or хувам?



    @NikeBG You can say: “чувам децу” – I am babysiting the kids. It has universal meaning to safekeep something or someone



    @”Kapitán Denis” Чувам, of course. Why would it possibly be хувам (i.e. (k)huvam)? :D 
    @Shaokang Hmm, not here, except with a good dose of sarcasm, of course.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 92 total)

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