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    What do you think of Germany? Do you like them or not? 



    My stance is neutral. I used to watch German/Austrian TV series like Cobra 11 and Rex after school. :D



    Hah, me too (Rex has became a common dog’s name here, especially for German shepherds, thanks to those series).

    We have somewhat of a saying here: “Always with Germany and never against Russia” (i.e. the two European countries we respect the most). Then again, that stance has always led us downhill. And still does. My best friend is German and, from what I hear, probably among the few sane, not-completely-brainwashed-with-guilt ones. So if you remove Merkel and the American-imposed cultural humiliation (oh well, at least the Germans aren’t making any tentacle porn) and nihilism, my opinion of Germany would be pretty nice. But for now, it’s rather mixed.



    Can’t say I like the country after what they did to mine. I’m eagerly awaiting for them to become the Islamic Republic of Germany



    Rightful bulgarian clay.



    I have a mostly passive stance towards them. I have loads of German family from my mother’s side and I personally enjoy their language (it is rather easy once you speak English). I also have some distant roots leading back to Germany. The holocaust was terrible however, and now I am starting to see the blame shifting from Germany to Poland, Ukraine and even Russia, many young Jews who grew up abroad were taught to hate Poland and the Polish by their Jewish family members, who more often than not: experienced the holocaust. The relations between Poland and Germany are good as of right now (Merkel isn’t making it any better though), and I wish our nations would overcome any problems together and work for a better future. That’s just my opinion, no hate guys :)



    The holocaust is probably about as real as the gassings is Syria. Which is a shame. If the nazis weren’t serious about getting rid of the Jews I have very little hope for humanity.



    Let’s change the topic to: What is your opinion of 3rd Reich? :D



    Not too good.



    I’m typically ok with regular German people but currently I do not support Germany’s politics that wants to open Europe up to tons of non-european refugees. 



    German efficiency is like clock work.  Well drilled soccer teams.  High end manufacturing.  Dry humour.  Fine Wheat Beers.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I think they are good as people but too straight-forward kind in mentality.

    * During ww2 they were too right
    * Now they are too liberal
    * They work until they kill themselves with work

    As you can see from just those three examples, they don’t have a feeling when to press the “breaks”, they have a point they work on and do it like a full-throttle locomotive and in end they hit in a wall because they didn’t know when to stop and think. 

    its like they can’t be rational at times, why is that germans, why!



    @Perun, I agree about the Germans not knowing when to stop. It’s like they can’t just be in the centre, they have to either be left or right.



    There’s no such thing as “too right”. That’s a false paradigm. There’s one absolute right, which is unreachable and different attempts to get closer to it. The left is sinister.



    In Belarus older generation disliked the Germans because of WWII. Young generation have a neutral opinion. Looking at our historic relation we always fought the Germans beginning from Grunwald and possibly earlier. 

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