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    After seeing that similar threads have been made for other Slavs, I felt like making one for Bulgarians, because I don’t think there has been one yet. So, what is your opinion on Bulgarians and Bulgaria? 



    Few years ago i was in staying in Plovdiv. Nice city, quite different from Sofija. Bulgarians ok people, accessible, little bit “rowdy”, like most South Slavs. 
    But what i noticed, there are a lot of swastika graffiti all around, and lot of Gypsies.
    My group went out in Plovdiv and Sofija, we had a quite nice time. Bulgarian girls also very talkative  :) Night clubs are great, countryside is beautiful, infrastructure mostly socialist era. 
    To it is very nice country. 



    P.S. Very strong orthodox identity, my opinion. 



    >Plovdiv different from Sofia
    They are not human.

    >But what i noticed, there are a lot of swastika graffiti all around, and lot of Gypsies.

    The two are connected.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Always did think that Bulgaria had much larger population when i was a kid. I was quite surprised when i found out it had 7,3 million people. Always thought it was on pair with Poland when it comes to numbers. Don’t know why thought. 

    On topic, well pretty positive view as it would be expected from a chief God of Slavic pantheon :)



    @aaaaa Hehe why people from Plovdiv aren`t humans?
    I understand that connection Gypsies – swastika.  :D



    Some say it’s just a silly regional rivalry, but actually it’s because they’re shape-shifting lizard people.



    @aaaaa You mean they’re zmeys? Come on, don’t give them such credits, they’re already proud enough with beating Sofia for the 2019 European capital of culture.

    @Perun When I was a little kid (i.e. in 1989), Bulgaria was indeed a bit bigger population-wise – namely, it was 9 mln. people (still nothing like Poland, of course – the last time the two countries had similar populations was probably somewhen in the Middle Ages). But since then we’ve become one of the fastest-disappearing countries in the world – low birth rates, high death rates and, most of all, high emigration.




    Hey, it’s not all that bad, at least with Bulgaria vanishing so quickly even the gypsies are starting to have fewer kids xD




    We ROCK! (lol) 
    No, seriously, Bulgaria is a cool country but it still has some problems that have to be dealt with. Mainly with corruption and finance. 

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