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    In short minorities of Ukraine can only study in schools in Ukrainian language from 5th grade. Leaders of the countries and foreign ministers of Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece expressed concerns . Hungary put complaint to OBSE, EU, UN.

    Minorities live in the following regions of Ukraine:

    Hungarians in Transcarpathia, Romanians and Moldovans in Chernivtsi region and Transcarpathia. Bulgarians in Odessa region, Pontic  Greeks in southern Ukraine. Poles in western Ukraine mostly. Russians all over Ukraine.

    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has expressed
    concerns over articles in Ukraine’s new education law relating to
    teaching in minority languages.



    Its a bad law. Laws such as this only justify Russian intervention in Ukraine. In the long run it will lead more people to start the hate on Ukrainians.




    I think that too. North-eastern Poland had a large Belarusian minority until WWII. After than Poles of Belarus and Belarusians of Poland were exchanged as part of resettlement program. Today Belarusian language has official status in 4 Gminas of Podlaska voivoship. In addition , Belarusian radio station and Belarusian TV channel in Belarusian language financed by the Polish government. Belarusians are minority and Polish government doesn’t have a problem with them. It’s  Ukraine would not support minorities such as Hungarians in Transcarpathia or Romanians in Chernivtsi.




    Current day Ukraine has pretty bad image. The completely annoying and non-charismatic president alongside with the government has a form of a militaristic oligarchy mixed with fascism and peasantry. Its funny how they engage in a childish rage comments with their Russian counterparts. Kind of “we are true Rus and you are not” and others. Like if somebody cares. Recently, I’ve even seen Ukrainian ambassador pointing finger at Serbia for some things.

    In conclusion, the population exchange wouldn’t solve their problems (if you were suggesting that), neither would reified laws solve their problems. What they need is a different approach in politics which can only be attained with new set of people at the leading positions in the country.




    I was not suggesting to exchange populationl. It would not be possible today.  It was possible after WWII. Ukraine needs a decent government. Currently, there are fights between members of parliament in parliament almost every second week . Poroshenko is Ukrainian oligarch who increased his wealth after assuming presidency.

    Here’s latest fight from the parliament . Why would a parliament member bring a smoke pellet into parliament? :)




    Lawmakers at PACE are critising the new law on school education.




    Was it really a pellet? It looks like a flare.



    Maybe it was flare. But there wasn’t much flare coming.



    Good that the world does not like what is happening in the родина.  The Russian langauge must not fall to the assualt of Kiev’s nationalist junta who would like nothing better than to destroy the nation and destroy her istorija.  Look at what happened with Dnepropetrovsk and other cities around Kiev controlled Ukraine!  Imet’ v vidu, this is not an isolated attempt, and the continuing hatred towards Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as anyone who doesn’t speak Ukrainian as a first langauge, is a disease; like a disease, it must be stamped out.  Aleksandr Zakharchenko will be the catalyst of the saving of our narod in Donetsk and Ukraine as a whole, and hopefully one day, Ukraine can be brought to reason and understand that Ukrainian is only one langauge in the tapestry of Ukraine, and the heritage of the Rus’.  I know I went off on a rant just now, but it is for good reason: to condemn Pyotr Poroshenko and his junta, established by his predecessor who deposed the rightful Prezident Ukraina: Viktor Janukovich.



    There is another law which came into effect in Ukraine today. All TV stations need to broadcast at least 75% in Ukrainian language. :)




    It’s not just Russian language. The law also affects Hungarians , Romanians, Bulgarians, Greeks,Poles. These minorities are native to the regions in which they live. Even if the government don’t want to finance schools, then what is wrong in these schools are private.  Many countries have schools that are in languages other than the main language spoken in those countries. What about the regions of Ukraine such as Odessa which predominantly Russian speaking. Or Kyiv city itself. The law to the world looks ridiculous to say the least.  Make compulsory state exams and Universities. Althougth, there are universities in English language in non-English speaking countries.



    An amendment to this law in Ukraine. Ukraine made an exception to countries that are members of European Union. Greeks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles can studies in languages of minorities. Since Moldovan is basically Romanians then Moldova will also be happy. Only Russian is left out.



    @MikhailA what’s your opinion if it was reversed in the sense that ukrainian treated as a minority language  and russian was put ahead? 




    Чи живеш біля моря синього,

    Чи в степу, чи обіч гори,

    Ти не будь малоросом, сину мій,

    Українською говори.

    Чи ідеш міською дорогою,

    А чи стежкою на селі,

    Говори українською мовою,

    Бо живеш на своїй землі.

    І не слухай ворожих натяків –

    Мов, «забули за сотні літ»,

    Це ж бо так, як забути матінку,

    Що пустила тебе у світ.

    Чуєш, як розмовляють соняхи,

    Як шумлять густі явори,

    Як від рідної мови сонячно –

    Українською говори!

    Do you live by the sea of blue

    Whether in the wilderness or mountains

    You do not have to be a Little Russian, my son

    Speak Ukrainian!

    Do you go by city road

    Or a trail in the village,

    Speak in Ukrainian!

    Because you live on your own land.

    And do not listen to the enemy’s hints –

    Languages, “forgot hundreds of years”,

    This is the same as forgetting a mother,

    What made you into the world.

    You hear how the sun is talking

    How dull the yaws make noise

    Like from the native language is sunny –

    Speak Ukrainian!



    This song is worth your attention. This is the hard chunk of Ukrainian history, which should explain the most important to many. Russian power is an enemy. Occupant. It is the pain of our ancestors – grandparents and great-grandparents. Do not forget about it.

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