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    What is your profession and/or unique talent? 

    Me? I’m in graduate school getting my degree in pure math and hope to continue down this path.  Although my parents are both artists and pushed me in that direction, I decided to take a more left-brained path.       



    Legal advisor, but i am good in math and chemistry or physics.
    My talents are singing, drawing and swimming.



    A mathematician and an engineer are listening to a physicist describe a system as a point in 4 dimensional space.
    After the lecture the engineer turns to the mathematician and says: I didn’t understand anything, what the hell is 4 dimensional space? How do you even visualize that?
    Says the mathematician: Simple, you visualize n dimensional space and then assign n = 4



    Any particular subfield in pure maths that interests you?



    Btw, as a physicist, that joke is unrealistic. We rarely deal with such simple problems.



    I’m a reasearcher/writer for a large auction house, an aspiring author, and regular contributor to the world’s premier horror magazine.



    I study statistics 




    Number theory



    My high school specialization is “Management and accountancy (with enhanced education in business German)”, then I studied some “Telecommunications” in university, but dropped out, then I worked as a game tester in one of Ubisoft’s daughter companies (and for a very short time in a photo studio before that) and now I work as a simple security guard. All this while my main interest lies in (medieval) history, which I applied in researches for several M2TW and M&B mods.



    Computational engineer, but I work as software developer.




    Easy puzzle that involves probability and diophantine equation from number theory.

    A draw contains black and white socks. The probability that we select 2 black socks from a draw is 0.5. What is is a minimum number of black and white socks in a draw so that we select 2 black socks with a probability of 0.5.



    Would’ve been better if the number of socks had to actually make sense, like, make them pairs.




    > 3:1

    But also 15 and 6, 85 and 35 and so on.

    Find a general formula for a combination of numbers such that drawing 2 black socks with a probability of 0.5. That’d be a problem of solving a diophantine equation. A programmer may write a simple program to find the combination to a certain number.

    PS And a more interesting problem would be to have a probability of P rather than 0.5.



    I have swapped quite some jobs in these years but at the moment i am in pulp industry. Long term plan is to go into private venture but for the reasons of economic uncertainty i dare not to go there yet but that is my plan and i won’t give up on it.




    >I study statistics 

    Do statisticians study topics from Real Analysis as part of mathematical statistics?

    Here’s a simple inequality problem . Prove that that polynomial х^12 – x^9 + x^6 – x^3 + 1 > 0 for all real x > 0
    PS It’s actually greater than 0 for all real numbers but more difficult to prove.

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