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    Im curious if we have any athletes here on Slavorum. 
    this is me at 20 years of age.
    I had been lifting weights since I was 15 but at the age of 20 I decided to really pump up. My desire was to more seriously get into natural body building. Unfortunately at the age of 21 I started having problems with my joints and I had to reluctantly give up weight lifting. Doctors told me it was due to over training but I was suspicious that this wasnt the case. Over the past six years I developed other problems with many joints in my body, and the past year i started having stomach problems. Doctors now finally think there is something else causing my problems. They tested my blood for signs of inflammation and other autoimmune problems. All of my results were good, but when they tested my stomach they found high rates of inflammation. They think that I possibly have some stomach problem which is causing my joint problems (this can happen though I didnt know it). Im positive and happy doctors finally believe me and I hope to finally be on the road to getting treatment and being able to be more active again. 

    Enough of health problems lets talk sports!. 
    I grew up playing soccer as a child. I was a natural and always one of the best players on the team if not the best. Soccer was my favorite sport and it came naturally to me as a child, unfortunately my father didnt believe there was a future for soccer in the U.S so he took me out of it at 13. At the same time I always swam in the summers on a competative swim team. This is common in the u.s. I did this from age 6 to 13.  It gave me a good aerobic base. At 14 my father made me and my brother play tennis. I played it seriously for 6 years. At 15 I started playing 3 hours a day 5 days a week. I did this until age 19. I competed in high school and had hopes of playing in college. I became good enough to get scholarships to play division 3 in the u.s and offers to walk on, on a division 2 team. They were never good enough to be worth leaving home so I gave up on tennis at this age. After that i wanted to start a body building career, but life had other plans for me. 

    My family is very big into athletics. My older brother was a professional triathlete and represented Slovakia, he reached descent success but never made the olympics. He is now a coach for other triathletes and is doing quite well with his buisness. My younger sister is a professional tennis player. She has an international ranking but its still very low. We hope she can achieve something with it, but its a tough world womens tennis. 

    So are any of you into sports? what did you play growing up. 

    I also skateboarded from the age of 13 to 20. Skateboarding was life for me and a stress reliever. I can or could do such flat land tricks as: Kick flip, heel flip, double kick flip, 360 flip, varial flip and I ollied highest over 4 decks stacked primo this looks something like this ( its more difficult than it looks)



    When I was kid/teenager street basketball was life. We were all playing it. Today this basketball field is sort of desolated. I guess kids play basketball video games instead of real one.



    Serbians are known for good basketball and are naturally tall people. I played basketball always for fun never on an actual team. I tried out in junior high but was rejected. I was good at dribbling always and very quick but I never had the best shot. I’m not short at 185cm but not big enough to be an advantage to a team with my shot. Did u play competitively?

    Kids these days have money and phones they have no need for sports, they are turning into spoiled sissies, yet they will rule the world. My own American generation is already like this and they are just getting into administrative positions it’s scary. Thankfully I was a poor immigrant kid and didn’t have money or phones. I was forced to build teepees and climb around in trees. Sports was a must 



    @srdceleva Depends what you mean competitively. We were playing for money, but I didn’t play for professional team.



    I am not really tall. I’m 187 cm, but still I was playing basketball very well, if I wanted I could play in any professional team.



    187 is still pretty tall. Im not sure what you mean by professionaly exactly, in the u.s when we say prefessional we are speaking about NBA. What i meant was just if you were part of an actual team where you actively competed in some league. My depth perception was never the best so my shot was never so good. Also in the U.S we have 2 meter black guys who are beasts so I didnt stand a chance in competative basketaball, because of this fact alone i concentrated on sports where I actually had a chance to be the best. 



    I used to play basketball with my best friend in my elementary school days. We immediately went to the field after school. I rarely did my homework. There were only 2 of us. Sometimes someone came by and played with us and sometimes there were enough kids that we played on both baskets. But the usual day looked like this: we came, played for 2 to 5 minutes, then my friend sat on the edge of the field, played rap music on his phone and started smoking a cigarette and I was shooting at the basket alone.

    Today I’m a spoiled sissy that rules the world.



    @”Kapitán Denis”
    at least you are educated and have an interest in your heritage. 

    How popular is skateboarding in slovakia? in the u.s when i was growing up skating was life, if you could do a kick flip in the 7th grade girls wanted to be your girlfriend!



    @srdceleva I know what you mean, but here professional teams include couple of leagues. I can still hit from anywhere on the court, but because I don’t do much sport anymore I lost athleticism, I can’t slam dunk or do crossover as quickly as I could when I was younger. I was playing against athletic 2+ m people, this is nothing out of norm in Serbia :)



    360 flip is the most high level but basic flat land trick in my opinion. If you can land it smooth and clean you are a high level skater.



    @srdceleva Serbian average is around 182 for men. You have to be at least 190 to be considered tall here :D I’m shorter than average.

    On the original topic: I tried out several sports, but I never dedicated myself to any of them. No one ever made me play those sports, I singed up because I wanted to and I left them because I wanted to. If I remember correctly it went something like this: basketball, handball, karate, volleyball, karate. I got furthest in karate, I got a red belt and I never showed up to a tournament where I supposed to get a green one, that’s when I quit. That was long time ago and I don’t have any particular fighting skills. Football (or by the wrong name you use soccer) was definitely most popular sport among children, especially in my neighborhood where we have open football field to use whenever we want unless there’s a game of the local club (Jednota). I never took that up, but of course we played football regularly. We also played a lot of baseball, or what we called baseball.
    The tennis ball was pitched like in softball and there weren’t any gloves or catchers. We had 5 bases and the hitter was between 1st and 5th, not on the base. The score was kept with laps, no matter were they a home run or not. You could strike out after 3 strikes or get kicked in several different ways: If a pitcher touches his “base” (usually someone’s t-shirt) with a ball, if you hit that same base with a ball and if someone in field catches a “live” ball (ball that didn’t hit the ground, if they catch it with a single hand you loose all of your laps and everyone on the team automatically strikes out that round). There were no people on the bases, so basically two teams of four or even three cold play this, but there could be as many people as you want in a team. People in field were to catch the ball and toss it to the pitcher, since he’s the only one who can kick someone out. You could stop on any base to prevent being kicked out.
    The field looked something like this:
    of course we played on a football field so the foul line is actually an out line and there are no lines between bases, bases were usually plastic bottles. This seemed way more dynamic than actual baseball.



    I was a sprinter back in school, the fastest in short distance running and the absolute worst at long distances.
    we also had a basketball team, but I refused to play though they wanted me on the team (I am 178 cm tall; it was considered sufficient back then).
    all the sports teachers I came across were bossy and pushy, and I had problems with vertical relationships of any kind, so I grew up wary of sports (and of teachers).
    did some tai-chi for a couple of years, and the teacher was okay but he went bonkers at some point in the direction of abstract spirituality, tantric practices and various esoteric bullshit

    guess I never met the right teacher to become really involved and was always too much of an introvert to enjoy teamplay. or perhaps I’m just a crappy student.  :/
    I regret it sometimes and envy those who enjoy sports, in a good way.
    but oh well.




    at least you are educated


    How popular is skateboarding in slovakia?

    I don’t know. In my childhood I knew some boys that owned a skateboard. I also had a classmate in high shool that used to wear Vans and other similar brands. I believe he used to skateboard.
    There’s a defunct “house of culture” on the main square in my town. As you can see, there are ramps. I see young boys skateboarding and biking there almost every time I go to a post office nearby.




    Football (or by the wrong name you use soccer)

    You nailed it. :D



    Mostly, ice-hockey and sambo.

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