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    What’s yours?



    Ending like that girl. I fell with my bicycle in similar way and i tell you its fucked up thing: Woman falls off motorbike



    Lok'Tar Ogar mo'fo.



    Eye operation for myopia Laser Eye Surgery



    I’ve had mine with full anesthesia, but I still don’t dare to see the video of it



    My last girlfriend will never come back to me, and marry another one, make children to another one :(
    Having my bad luck series (13 years in a row for now) continue in my whole life…



    Having parasites inside me
    Being abducted by aliens



    You have tiny parasites inside you, even up to a million perhaps… bacteria, virus, etc…



    Monsters Inside Me – Maggots in My Head



    Oh, look. It’s a documentary about Zionism.



    Not having faith in self and confidence in own identity and sense of moral quality. Aside from this I hate flying.



    ;what do you mean?



    I will say this. If you live abroad and live in another culture for a long time people may start telling you that you are not part of the group you feel a part of. Many think they know you more than you know yourself and start trying to turn you into an American or Brit.



    I don't know how many of you go to the forest/bog/woods alone at 2 in the morning but I do it simply because it's the one and only thing that scares the fuck out of me… the most important factor is to do it SOBER, because drinking alcohol before going to the forest alone at night is cheating.

    I used to go with my dog but he left his body last spring, now I'm on my own in the forest & bog :-



    We are all born as humans, but we inherit our names and traditions from our fathers. You do not choose who you are, but you do give it a shape.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 75 total)

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