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    Where are Slavs on ‘Gold Reserve’ map of Europe

    Gold is the backbone of worlds monetary politics, the sacred metal that started it all. Another map by Jakub Marian was made, so show us how much gold have we been putting aside as a reserve.

    Read the full story here



    Didn’t expect Slovakia to be on 2nd place.



    I read an article some time ago that claimed the Germans were pissed because the US refused to return their gold.
    The US is keeping it for them, cos bitches can’t be trusted, do you know what I am saying?

    Listen to Butters tell you how this works:



    Gold standard was abandoned by all governments of the world that was preferred as currency reserve in the past. Today, currency reserves are held in US dollars, Euros, Japanese Yens, Pound Sterling and other currencies.
    Global currency reserves held by central banks of the world in 2016,  usually in 2-3 foreign currencies  US dollar, Euro: 
    US Dollar 64%, Euro 19.7%, Japanese Yen 4.2%, Pound Sterling 4.4%. And other

    Several years ago Belarus had low foreign currency reserves, so the Belarusian ruble plunged during economic recession. All weak economies are trying to increase their foreign currency reserves. Interestingly, Russia and China started increasing their gold reserves in recent years.

    For example gold of Japan foreign exchange reserve accounts for 2.5%. China – 2.4%. Russia – 17.1%. While gold of Germany forex accounts for 70%. It was  common practice to hold gold in banks of other countries. Most of gold of Belgium is held in the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada. Austria holds its gold in London and Switzerland. Germany hid its gold from Soviets in New York and Paris, now planning to return some of it home : http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/09/germany-brings-its-gold-stash-home-sooner-than-planned.html

    Norway has little gold in its forex having one of the strongest currency on European continent that is backed up by crude oil and natural gas that is always in demand.



    I have also heard about the Gold of Germany not being repatriated by the USA.  I believe the underlying issue is that the USA have entered into leasing and various derivative contracts against the underlying gold they hold in custody in order to create profits.

    China has been secretly buying Gold, and in particular they have been smuggling it into the country so no one really knows how much Gold they have in their reserves.  By understating their Gold reserves, it in effect makes their currency cheaper, which is what they want for their manufacturing exporting economy.  

    Countries like Russia and China have been increasing their Gold reserves so that they can have a greater weighting in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (currency).



    >leasing and various derivative contracts
    AKA fractional reserve banking AKA lending money that was never there :D
    They’ve printed money and given them away at interest, but they’re required by law to keep a small percentage of liquidity, which is where Germany’s gold comes in. I bet some high school bully who just took your lunch money is reading this and going green with envy.

    I could look the article up if you’re interested, but I don’t even remeber where I read it, so you might as well google it.



    @aaaaa  All good mate, I am pretty certain that’s why the Yanks haven’t repatriated the Gold back upon the request by Germany.

    Gold is looking quite bearish on the markets at present, its down 7% in price in the last 2 months.

    Investors have been flocking to crypto-currencies in speculation and also as a defensive play (like gold is has been invested in the past).

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