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    I see that there’s tons of posts discussing history and “old” politics,but I am curious to see where do YOU see Bulgaria, and all Slavic countries in general, in the next 10 years? Touch point, please, on cultural, social, economic and political developments. Thanks!

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Very uncertain times for Slavs as such. Today we have slavs hating eachother, willing to exterminate one another and alliances are made with others out of pure geopolitical ambitions (with usa or with china). I see us pretty messed up, poor and casing to exist as Slavs.



    Well, Slavic disunity has been a common thing probably since Slavs first started to exist (despite the occasional Pan-Slavic trends). It’s a very interesting relation with the Thracians, btw – particularly numerous and quite divided between each other.
    Though I agree that we’ll eventually lose our Slavic identity. Same goes for the Germanic, Romance, etc, etc people, IMO. Though I really doubt any major changes would happen in the next 10 years. Unless WW3 erupts and we all die, of course.



    Thanks for both of your answers! Certainly not what I expected or imagined to receive as a reply, but interesting perspective.

    I also think that there has not been, is not, and will not be any unity among the slavs, but I think that Eastern Europe in general is catching up with the ‘developed’ world. However, it is in the roots of Eastern Europeans to work and live as a community while in the West, people lean towards hard-core individualism, and unfortunately, this is coming towards the Balkans too, which may not have as good consequences (politically, economically and socially) as it has had in the West.



    On contrary to your point I think the disunity between Slavs isn’t because of our will. I think we all love each other. I think it’s all politics and if it comes to the people we will never lose our Slavic identity. Yes we’ve had some issues through the past 100 years but it’s all gone now. For Bulgaria I see brighter future. Here’s why! Many of the Bulgarians Immigrate and only the loyal ones will stay here. These Bulgarians who stay really want to do whatever they could for Bulgaria, therefore we have all we need to prosper from now on. Well… maybe we have to get rid of the political bribe, but it’ll work out now or later. Blessings to all Slavs! Поздрави! :)



    I absolutely agree with TheUltimateSlav–there is a bright future for Bulgaria and it’s not far! :)

    I don’t know how loyal are the ones who have stayed in Bulgaria and how much they want to do for their country though, because they don’t really do anything, but to accept their ‘fate’ created by someone else, usually the bribed politicians you mentioned above. However, I see many young people who stand up for their rights and “fight the battles” of life so they can create a good life for themselves and their families in Bulgaria. About the immigrants–most will return soon–guaranteed!



    I also think that most of the Bulgarians who stay don’t do so because they’re “loyal”, but simply because they can’t afford to leave or are too apathetic to do so. Also, most of the ones who fight for really changing and improving things are exactly the young ones who’ve been abroad and have returned to change things. Whereas the “loyal” ones are mostly typical Balkaners – big on words on the table, completely gone in actual deeds. There are exceptions, of course, but that’s what they are…

    As for disunity – of course it’s not because of our will. There aren’t many people whose goal is actually disunity – it’s just something that creeps in quietly and starts pointing at all the various differences (especially at historical/political ones). It would require a long and really concerted effort (by government and media) in order to overcome this. I mean, look at Yugoslavia. Or imagine Bulgaria joining Yugoslavia (we were close to this immediately after WW2) – how plausible does this seem to work out?

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