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    Hi everyone! i am ovejit from new delhi india. i am a medical student i just completed my bachelor’s degree. i want to go to Russia for my further . Hence, need to learn the language as fast as i can. i have applied to two universities BASHKIR STATE MEDICAL UNIERSITY and BELGOROD STATE UNIVERSITY. I will choose one of them but for now i need to find decent course to start learning the language. i found duolingo and EchoEE to be good ones i should be going for. What do you think guys? i also have been engaging in some group sessions which would help me seed up the learning process. Thank you!



    @ovejitroy Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this forum could help you, because:
    A: We are mostly Slavic speakers, so learning Russian is easier for us
    B: As far as I know, there are no Russia related people here – that means foreigners that are learning or already learned Russian

    I can’t tell you, what you should do or which course you should take, but I found this video.
    The guy is explaining how to learn any language quickly. It may help you.



    In my experience if you speak slowly they can usually understand you. If they get that lost look on their face just repeat the word louder, while giving them a reassuring glance.



    I think you should hire the services of Ivan from Siberia. He will not only teach you Russian Accent, he will teach you to speak Russian ‘like a Boss!’ http://russianaccent.net/ 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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