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    Blogs and twitter accounts will do too. 
    I can share what I read on Ukraine if anyone’s interested.



    Official RTS site (Radio and Televison of Serbia), state run media. N1 regional American owned news network. Danas website, liberalish daily newspaper in constant conflict with the government. I don’t follow any of these regularly, only when something important happens, except Danas, their head editor has really good satirical column that I read regularly. If we talking foreign media, I just google it, switch to news filter and read few articles. When situation in Ukraine was at it’s peak, I tried to follow Ukrainian and Russian media (I have basic understanding of the languages, enough to get the context). I have to say I couldn’t ever conclude which side is right.



    CNN, Россия 1, BBC, Russia Today, and for Ukraine, Факты (Ukrainian source that is also in Russian language), Fox News, Россия 24, and many others.


    Here’s some stuff I follow
    KyivPost (oldest Ukrainian English language paper) https://www.kyivpost.com
    Liga (independent; Russian only) http://liga.net
    Crimean Human Rights Group (English, Ukrainian and Russian) http://crimeahrg.org
    Bihus (Ukrainian only) https://bihus.info – reporting on the current anti-corruption movement
    Novoye Vremya (Ukrainian and Russian) http://nv.ua – Ukrainian news site that also covers international stuff; independent, sponsored by a Czech businessman afaik
    Petr i Mazepa (Russian and Ukrainian) https://petrimazepa.com – analytics on current Ukrainian news; sometimes a bit too radical but some of the columnists are pretty smart
    https://t.me/belamova (Russian) – independent private channel on Belarussian news
    https://t.me/belteanews – another one; news analysis and memes
    Meduza (independent liberal media site that had to migrate from Moscow to Riga, Latvia to avoid repressions) http://meduza.io for Russian or https://meduza.io/en for English
    MediaZona (Russian only; founded by Pussy Riot and focused mainly on political repressions in Russia) https://zona.media
    Taiga (news on Siberia; Russian only) http://tayga.info
    Red Zion (Russian only; a private Telegram channel with analytics on current Russian news run by four authors (one of them is a rabbi, hence the name); they’re pro-Russian and democratic but not liberal) https://t.me/redzion
    (I don’t read state-owned media outlets like RT and Life because I’ve been around the journalist community back in Moscow and know how they make those news; there’e also a TV channel run by the opposition called Rain TV (Дождь), but I don’t trust them either)
    Balkanist Magazine (in English) https://balkanist.net – stuff on the Balkans and nearabouts
    BalkanInsight (in English) http://www.balkaninsight.com
    Румынская сотня (in Russian) https://twitter.com/latiniano – a Romanian guy called Andrei Diancu tweeting on Romania in Russian for his Ukrainian friends; anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian
    New Eastern Europe (in English) http://neweasterneurope.eu – a Polish democratic magazine
    Center for Eastern Studies https://www.osw.waw.pl/en – another Polish magazine with regional news analyses
    Beacon http://www.beacon.ge (in English) – a source on Georgia
    Visegrad Insight http://visegradinsight.eu – a Polish-based outlet on Central Europe
    also CNN, BBC, NYT, DW, AFP and other obvious international outlets
    and some Radio Freedom channels also though they’re US-sponsored, but there are currently no other regular news channels with proof-based facts on Crimea for example


    I generally don’t care much about news and news sources in my country, but when I do, it might as well be from this site. There are even times when I feel it’s more accurate than the news of the mass media.

    P.S. If I’m to be serious, the only Bulgarian media I have some faith in is (ironically or not) our national TV and radio.



    @NikeBG of course, this stuff is important. In Serbia we have njuz.net (news.net) and our brothers in Croatia have news-bar.hr.



    A site in English to get you started: (run by a girl from Berkeley, California who moved to Belgrade, following love):

    Lupiga is from Rijeka. They have been a true beacon for so many years. They are on life support so help them if you can.

    Bilten is a newish progressive site with regional commentary. 

    http://maz.hr  , https://radiogornjigrad.wordpress.comhttp://h-alter.org are three left-wing sites based in Zagreb



    I have too many to list, really. I follow many Ukrainians and Poles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I belong to numerous Ukrainian and Polish genealogy groups, some public and some private.

    Here are just a few of the sites I check daily or weekly. Like @Dušan, if there is a big story, I will google and select news. 

    Belarus: http://belarusfeed.com/


    http://bug.org.ua/ (Information site of Western Ukraine)


    Eastern Europe: https://www.rferl.org/

    RFE/RL journalists report the news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate. Our credibility and effectiveness as a news organization depend on the trust our audiences place in our integrity, our journalism, and our staff.


    The Ukrainian Weekly is the oldest English-language newspaper of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States, and North America. http://www.ukrweekly.com/uwwp/

    Russia: Since I’m a 19th century Russian Empire nerd, this forum – not really news, per se: http://forum.alexanderpalace.org/

    Here is the Ukraine News for January 17, 2018 from http://ukraine-english-news.forumotion.com/t3932-ukraine-news-in-brief-wednesday-17-january-ukrainian-sources  



    In contrast to @Karpivna I don’t follow any news lately. TV news occasionally, but they’re very repetitive: car accidents, fights between gypsies and gadžos, new restrictions from EU and some reports from Tatra mountains of any sort.



    Washington Post, BBC, Reuters
    nn.by , belsat.eu, tut.by
    echo.msk.ru, RBC, Vedemosti

    unian.net, delfi.lt, dw.com (World)

    And other.

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