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    Nice quiz, something like this political compass. Feel free to post screens. :)




    Menshevik Internationalist according to this. I’m just a bit to the left and up than MI dot (MI dot lays on my red circle).



    I’m almost in the perfect centre, my red dot covering both Menshevik Centrists and Right SRs. Sounds about right, I guess.



    I got Right SRs too! :) But my dot wasn’t covering anything, just not much far from it.



    I escaped and fled to America.  :D



    @Karpivna was an agent of Austria-Hungary!



    I wish they posted statistics on which factions were most popular. Btw, political compasses aren’t really good at assessing your political views.



    @Svevlad don’t worry, your guys won…



    Dušan I meant which results were most popular with those who took the test. It would be interesting to see the results of everyone who did the test.



    I am far away



    Menshevik Defensist here

    The Menshivik Defensists occupied the right wing of the party, and for
    the most part supported the actions of the Provisional Government. Until
    February, they uttered slogans in support of the Fatherland
    (in contrast with the ‘Revolutionary Defensists’). The social-democratic
    group Unity (Edinstvo), led by Georgy Plekhanov, came out
    in favor of ‘war to its successful conclusion.’ The Defensists did not
    enjoy support among the masses, or among the Mensheviks.



    Cadet. Roughly halfway between cadets and black hundreds, but the app says cadet.

    @Dušan, @NikeBG
    >menshevik internationalists

    You disgust me. The bolsheviks might be cockaroaches, but at least they’re not wishy-washy centrist cockaroaches.



    Right SR, here.



    It says Right SR. That’s right, Slovak Republic, baby!  B) 

    OK, seriously, it’s hard to put me in a box like that. My mind works in a different way. If there are multiple options, I can look at them from different points of view. Any system could work, if people believed in it… and if politicians wouldn’t be corrupt. I just put “neutral” everywhere, where I culd both agree and disagree, because everything has its pros and cons.

    Any ideology can work if it works for everyone’s good. It depends on what people want. The problem is that everyone wants something different and especially today there’s a lot of extremists.



    @”Kapitán Denis” any system could work, *if people weren’t assholes.
    But people are, that’s why socialism imagined by communists mostly failed, it was all based on a wrong premise-that people aren’t assholes.

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