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    Just curious to see what various members on the forum would prefer for US Presidency?  Trump is pro trade protectionism, which may make it harder to trade with USA, but he seems a bit sympathetic towards Russia and Putin, he has a history of hooking up with Slavic women too lol.  Whereas, Clinton appears to be a staunch enemy of Russia and Putin.  What do people think on this topic? Or is the care factor zero?






    Trump will certainly be entertaining that cannot be denied.  

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Trump all the way. Besides his daughter is named Ivanka, obviously the man has some interest and liking to us Slavs.




    It is less possible that she would start a third world war. Trump is unpredictable, too much risk. We should avoid it at all costs. No unpredictable man should have access to nuclear weapon.

    Perun Trump’s youngest son Baron is half Slovenian. And Trump’s current wife Melania is Slovenian. But this is not about sympathy towards Slavs.. Race, ethnicity, background and alleged “sympathies” should not be the criteria when voting such an important figure as president.



    Yeah, but his wife is damn hot… She’d make a top first lady, especially in a bikini.



    I actually think H Clinton is a very blood thirsty individual, more likely to go to war than Trump.



    we honestly don’t give a …….

    anyway… Trump would be hilarious and entertaining, so I say Trump all the way…



    Trump, just lay back in your chair with a strong alcoholic beverage of your choice and watch it burn.
    But seriously, Trump is pretty idiotic, but to me he seems far lesser threat to anyone’s life or rights than Clinton, whose presidency is certain to deliver freedom and democracy to so many countries in need of it.



    How is Trump idiotic? Have any of you “Trump is an idiot” guys ever listened to his speeches or what he plans to do once president? It seems to me what he proposes is anything but idiotic.



    I don’t think either of them would really change anything, but I’d still vote for Trump, if I could. At the very least, because Clinton’s propaganda machine seriously annoys me, including how its tentacles stretch all the way here – f.e. our mass-media keep going on and on about how all polls after the debates showed a great advantage of Clinton, although actually only the CNN and one other poll did so, while most showed an advantage for Trump. At least this clearly demonstrates that American media are absolutely the same trash as those here…



    @aaaaa well for start have you listened to him? How many words he has in his vocabulary? 300? Maybe, but those are the best words, they are beating all the other words bigly, except when it’s rigged. He can’t express a single thought, just listen to his sentence constructions.
    He has no continuity in his ideals and stances through years or even months. He’s just a demagogue and a bad one for that matter, he has no real plans, you can hear it every time he’s asked about serious problems. He’s only lucky that it’s very hard to be worse than Clinton.



    He’s been consistent with the following:
    – Close the borders, deport illegals – I consider this a common sense position. Illegal immigrants are criminals, by virtue of being illegal if nothing else. Not to long ago you would get shot if you tried that, now everyone likes to pretent foreigners have a “right” to come into your country ininvited – a bizarre idea to me.
    – Temporary ban immigration from high-risk areas – i.e certain muslim countries – Too soft a position for my taste, but better than nothing I guess.
    – Revise the international trade deals to bring back industrial jobs from China and Mexico – those trade deals really only benefit multi-national companies at the expense of the middle class.
    – Simplify the tax code – any objections?
    – Drain the “swamp of corruption” in Washington DC.  – I think they’re long overdue, and this one will actually be felt here too. It will make it easier to kick out the puppets in charge of our own countries when the puppet masters are no more.



    Although I don’t think it affects us that much and I think despite everything Clinton is still an absolute favorite, I really do hope Trump becomes POTUS.

    I can see so many parallels between the situation around Hillary as a ruling party candidate and the ruling party here. Starting from media bias, exposed campaign tactics, legal system interventions etc. I thought all of that couldn’t happen in “the biggest democracy in the World”, but along came Hillary Clinton and proved me wrong. If Americans let Hilary slip away with it and vote her president, then there is no hope for us.



    -closing the borders would cost much more than the illegals being there. Most of them came to USA legally and then overstayed their visas. There’s need for change in that part of US policies, but Trump’s demagoguery you call a plan wouldn’t do any good for anyone, it isn’t even pointed at right direction. And last interview I saw where he’s talking about illegals, he went softer on them, much, much softer than “THE WALL”, he took seemingly liberal approach, integrating illegals.
    -well, that’s a much bigger issue than Trump. USA has been creating high risk ares in the Middle east for past 30 years, ending that should be their priority.
    -They can try to revise those deals, but they will never be able to compete with them outside US and in USA, they’ll just “punish” their own people, cutting them of more affordable products with making customs higher. Middle class will suffer even more.
    -Simplifying the tax code must be elaborated, but as far as I know, Trump never elaborated any of his grand plans and ideas.
    -He was one of them corrupting politicians not to long ago. That’s easy to say, it’s popular to say, every average citizen in any country wants such thing to happen, but it won’t be easy or even possible maybe.

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