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    I’d like to meet Karpivna – she’s a girl. Perun, Kat and and all his clones. aaaaa, NikeBG, Gvarda, Shaokang, KnezIvan. All my fellow Poles, especially eastern Poles. Slovaks and Czechs.

    I don’t know if it’d be alright to post my picture and video on this forum. I like many members on this forum.



    I like Karpivna who’s half Ukrainian, half British (English & Scottish if I am not mistaken). She’s fully American in my eyes.  And she’s a lovely young woman. I never met a mixed Slav living abroad interested so much about our culture.

    Kim! You’re a darling!



    Everyone with whom I had any meaningful conversation here



    “Kat and all his clones” – that would be an interesting experience. If anyone is in my neck of the woods, drop me a line on the forum and we’ll see about that.



    What clones are we talking about, i’m unique as it gets. 

    On topic, i’d like to meet most of the pps here. 



    Everyone,plus all of the old members that no longer frequent the site.



    I am glad someone finally acknowledges my superior qualities! Here is a photo of my lips.  :D 

    Anyway, it would be cool to meet people from Slavorum. We could do Slavic stuff. It would be fun. 



    @Shaokang of course, and he knows it. 

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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