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    While I wanted to register a whiiiiiiiile ago (like 5 years lol, finally)

    Lo and behold i see those tshirts and typical “slav videos” But why :(  We have many talented scientists, inventors, politicians and other famous persons yet when people think of slavs, they think of us as (and lets not kid ourselves) im being real here without the PC stuff, they think of the disgusting accent, cheap gopnik adidas tracksuits, thugs for hire, the drinking and smoking,  and engaging in various criminal acts+ being low life chavs. 

    but isnt being a slav something different?
     I mean westerners will still continue to treat us as a joke deep down inside for a good 100-200 years or so but how do you all think this type of stereotypes mentioned above could be reduced in the nearest fture? 



    I suspect this is a troll post. 

    Slav is not really an ethnicity. It’s a linguistic grouping meaning the primary thing that binds Slavs is our family of languages( Russian, Polish, Czech,Croatian, Serbian, etc) like Latin languages ( Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc) and Germanic ( German, Dutch, Frisian, English, etc). We Slavs as a whole are not very genetically related. Slav is derived from proto-Slavic and OCS “slovo” which means “letter” which means its linguistic based. So the track suit gopniks are a stereotype of mostly Russian youth as perceived in the West and says nothing about Slavs as a whole. These stereotypes can be reduced by Slavs ourselves. Represent proudly what you are or where your ancestry comes from. Show others the best part of your culture and don’t have the mindset of inferiority like this OP implies. There is a saying in Croatian ” Budi slika svoga roda” which means ” Be an image of your people.” It’s true when you really think about it. Of course you represent yourself first and foremost but in a larger picture you also represent your people even when you’re not thinking about it. 



    Welcome! Finally! And please don’t try to hide the fact that you wrote this post while squatting in your Adidas tracksuit! :D 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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