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    Just wondering, why did the join operation of Belarus, Serbia and Russia bear the name “Slavic brotherhood 2016”?

    More so if it’s practice against Visegard group (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech) and Croatia?

    Wouldn’t it be more clear to name it as “Orthodox brotherhood 2016” preparation for a fight with “Catholic NATO broderhood 2016”?

    I don’t understand the pan-Slavic title if it’s aimed against other Slavs.



    Belarus has a considerable Roman Catholic population, who are over our brothers and sisters . In Belarus Orthodox and Roman Catholic Belarusians marry each other without problems. Belarus does not aim at anyone . It is an exercise for our forces.

    Belarus is also planning to have joined exercises with certain NATO forces next year if I am not mistaken.



    @Sviatogor Would you say that it’s the fear of Russia that is preventing Belarus from trying to pursue the EU membership?



    I don’t believe its aimed against Catholic Slavs. May someone corrects me if I am wrong but I think Serbian army had 3x more practices this year with NATO then with Russia (6 vs 2).




    It’s mostly because of our government policies . Lukashenko in particular.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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