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    Womans Hair In Slavic History And Tradition

    Not only do Muslim women cover their hair, because traditionally Slavic women had to cover their hai…

    Read the full story here



    In the age of Britney Spears and Kardashians,and uncovering of everything, I believe it is so beautiful and important to keep the hair covered as a sign of marriage, commitment, of the fact that most beautiful things remain covered like pearls inside the shells, and are for the privileged eyes only…..



    It’s interesting, because at least in some times this was similar for men as well – going out bare-headed (without a hat or something) was seen as undignified, a sign of low social status or just outright wackiness. Of course, indoors it was normal to uncover your hair/head and at times it was even necessary (going in church or taking off your hat to show respect to a passing noble etc).



    This is true of very few cultures lol mostly just areas where people lived in extreme temperatures or weather conditions, sun/dry heat of the desert and extreme cold.

    I’m really not sure the superstitious part about the covering is true for most Slavs, either. In the past, of course, obviously not today.

    Can we get an article about Slavic male head-gear :-)

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @ashleyslav you mean something like this? :)

    @NikeBG i agree, i mean even for the most part of 20th century men that were considered gentlemen had their head covered with hats, so did women too. Probably a tradition that continued from the old times such as in the article.



    Long hair gets in the way a lot, so it makes sense to braid/cover it, unless you’re a fan of getting your head ripped off by heavy machinery.



    Regarding the continental part of Croatia (Southern Slavs), hair was suposed to be covered to protect women from evil eyes. It was believed that women attracts evil eyes and bad forces with her hair so she had to cover it to prevent. However, it was not covered entirely (parts of the hair were visible) and not covered the same throug years. In their youth, girls could have loose hair because they were innocent and evil could not affect them. When coming in the “bridal years”, hair was still loose, braided, but girls wore on their heads colorful headgears (different headgears in different regions) whoose purpose was to put away evil eyes and evil forces. With marriage, women twist their hair and put it under headgear (again, different in different regions) and never unveil their hair again, not even when they sleep. So the purpose of covering hair was to protect women and her family from evil spirits, because it was believed hair has magic influence. I suppose they believed influence gets bigger with the womens sins, that’s why it is approved to see young girl’s hair, all until marriage.



    @Perun there we go!

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