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    "In a cave in Slovenia, archaeologists found a human jawbone with intact teeth. One in particular captured their attention because it had a cavity filled in with beeswax. At 6,500 years old, this is the oldest dental filling ever discovered:

    While the beeswax may have been applied as a coating before the crack opened, or placed after death as part of a funeral ritual, the researchers think it was a filling. It looks like the cavity formed before the wax’s application, and it seems odd that a funeral ritual would have targeted a single tooth—no wax was placed on the other teeth, even those with some damage. This particular crack would have been a nasty, painful cavity, and the beeswax probably soothed the pain and insulated the damaged tooth from temperature changes and contact with food."

    More info:



    Great news! :D Well what can i say we Slovenes have always been great inventors even in stone age! ;D



    And to this day Slovenes have the best dental hygiene in all of Slavia

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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