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    What do you fellow Slavs think of other European nationalities?
    1) Germanics
    2) Romanics
    3) Celts
    4) Greeks
    5) Hungarians
    6) Finnics
    7) Balts
    8) Albanians
    9) Basques

    For me:

    1) Germanics – I have great respect for them in terms of their progressive and innovative approach to life and why they are responsible for so many great achievements and advances through history. Also why their countries/economies are richest in Europe was because of this.

    2) Romanics – I have great respect for their history especially, but also their cuisine and relaxed approach to life is also something I always enjoyed.

    3) Celts – I have always loved Celtic spirit, music, culture and temperament. Very much like Slavs IMO.

    4) Greeks – Basically same thing as with Romanics.

    5) Hungarians – Very close to Slavs (especially Western) in every way, biggest difference being basically language only. Genetics, cuisine, architecture, music, folk dress, culture in general etc. all very similar to Central European Slavs.

    6) Finnics – Very unique/obscure folk, I always liked their upbeat music and their interesting culture (older than that of most Europeans, very shamanistic in nature, bizaare language).

    7) Balts – Not much of an opinion of them, I always considered them close to Slavs also (even their languages and culture have many similarities). Once Slavs and Balts were basically one tribe anyway from what I know.

    8) Albanians – Negative opinion. Most Albanians I have had contact with on internet have been rude, hostile, primitive and stupid. Generally all I know of them is trafficking of people, guns and drugs, land theft/chauvinism and total ZOG whoredom (even among their so-called nationalists). Definitely for me worst of European tribes.

    9) Basques – No idea really, but I support an ethnic homeland for them. They deserve one.



    What do you fellow Slavs think of other European nationalities?

    1) Germanic, a big European family second in population after Slavs. We occasionally had a brawl with them thought we won but in general they’re great people. Everybody has to like Odin, Thor and some other neat stuff from their culture.

    2) & 4) Greeks and Latins, great history before anything…at least i grew up on myths about Zeus, Herculies and on stories about Roman empire…but then again i really ain’t such a fan of Mediterranean so i have respect for them but they’re different from us.

    3) Celts, my favorite no question about it. They are one of the smaller families in Europe and yet they had such a big cultural blow on other Europeans. Great music, great traditions and on one hell of a beautiful land they live. Scottish Highlanders are my personal heroes!

    5) Hungarians, good neighbors, ironically the only ones that we are at peace for almost a century. Their medieval culture is great, most as other European but their ancient culture and shamanism is pretty much unexplored by me, so i guess i have no such opinion on it.

    6) Finnics, well i literally see them as a native group of Baltic people that have accepted the best of both Germanics and Slavs into their culture, music, food and traditions. I guess both Slavs and Germanics would feel as in at home in Finland, culturally speaking.

    7) Balts, pretty much as mentioned above about the Finns thought while Finns have a stronger Germanic influence i’d say for rest of balts they’re more connected to Slavic peoples culturally speaking. As a kid when i didn’t really know too much about the subject i always thought that balts are some extension of Slavic countries.

    8) Albanians – they make a lousy bread

    9) Basques, well nationalistic and that’s what i can say about them. Not sure about their traditions, i would give a guess it’s very similar to it’s surrounding.



    1) Germanics –  The Germanic seems to me very impressive.  Their story, their culture and their deeds are great. I respect them and I think we can learn something from them.

    2) Romanics – I’m living in Rome and I can say that their culture with Greeks is really amazing. Their cusine and their inventive is the best in the world. The people are nice, very open, but now things are changing in worse.

    3) Celts – Probably their paganism was the most similar to our. Their folk music, their traditions, their being is legendary as their drunk ;D

    4) Greeks – I always regarded Greece as the cradle of Europe. And I said alot

    5) Hungarians – The initiators of the cavalry. Very imponent tactics wich they fought in Europe, when they arrived were the most militarily advanced. Very impressive their will to fight and mess Europe

    6) Finnics – A very good people. I have known here few Finnish. I saw some similarities between us and them.

    7) Balts – Honestly I’ve never known any Balts. I do not know what to say except that I consider them brothers who deserve respect.

    8) Albanians – Very negative opinion. Here they have the highest percentage of crime with Romanians and Gypsies, many are also Muslims. Maybe the white albanians are not bad.

    9) Basques – We do not know where they come from, to which race they belong but they seems very similar to Europeans. And as said Wilkolak they deserve a homeland.



    You tell it guys as well as I wanted to say. I have only notice to Romanics.  

    2) We must understand that many of european nations are not consist of the same people who created the glory of their cultures. Greeks, Spanish and French are in my opinion lazy people who only feed on their own past. You can see it when you come to visit their cities.  The prices only for parking are madly high. You will soon pay just for a look. Especially Greeks have nothing common with ancient builders of the beautifull temples and filosophers.



    Well said. This is very true. I would not agree necessarily with French, but indeed Italians, Spanish and Greeks fall into this description IMO also.



    For the Germanics, divide them into two categories: Scandinavians and the British + the Germans. Scandinavians they keep to themselves up north and have for most of the last millenia, they have never caused any major problems. The British and the Germans on the other hand are a plague.



    Hmmm…. I agree wtih Jer.



    The “lazy” people, that you are talking about are the people that were born to live, not to work in order to produce more and more money for their industrialists (to be a kind of modern slaves, in other words).And i have to inform you that All of these countries, have produced the most succesful scientists, artists (especially artists), athletes etc. although unfortunatly most of them are active in USA.

    My advice:wake up!

    Industrialists and other rich people invented this beautiful word, the word “lazy” to make you working for them many hours every day.

    And BTW i have to inform you that inglorious economy in southern europe is not something new.Ancient Greece was always described as poor (in terms of money and gold, not culture etc.)

    the reason is that these people deny to be slaves of their industrialists etc. and on the other hand because south europe has the poorest ground in the whole continent



    For me…

    1) Kinda not like them… They are most likely to be see Slavic men as secondary to them…
    2) They have some culture, but I kinda not like them… Yet, not have big problems with them. Maybe with French only
    3) Not know much from them, only that they disappeared mostly, but friends of Slvs
    4) Somewhere I heard that today’s Greeks are nothing to do with ancient Greeks, not even in genetics… Well, they are something like Southern Slavs. My feelings are Mixed towards them
    5) No comment… You know..
    6) They are somewhat interesting men. Even can say they have a little respect
    7) Good people, respect them
    8) Something like 5) No comment…
    9) Interesting Question! The Kingdom of Spain is like former Yugoslavia… They are fierce warriors, but we could imagine only what they would do with  freedom. Like Catalonia is lived by non Spaniards…



    1) Germanics – I am ok with them (except for the English, they are a plague) as long as they do not behave hostile or chauvinist against Slavic nations.

    2) Romanics – Mixed bag. You find good people and bad people among them.

    3) Celts – I like them, especially the Irish. Up the ‘RA!

    4) Greeks – Lazy. Present day Greeks indeed have little in common with ancient Greeks and many have mixed with non-Whites.

    5) Hungarians – Same as with the Germanics.

    6) Finnics – I like Finland a lot and have great respect for them for their victory against the Soviets in the Winter War.

    7) Balts – I like them a lot.

    8) Albanians – Dirty *****

    9) Basques – I like them a lot and support their independence.



    Germanic, great. Contributions to art science and technology.  Bad parts are killing millions of Slavic people and horrible cooking skills

    Latin cultures, great art history and food.  I also love a good bullfight.  Great respect for the concepts of family loyalty over everything else.  Bad things are completely chaotic governments and no concept of being on time.  Also, infested with regional competition and rivalry.

    Celts, great respect for their indomitable will to resist Anglo assimilation.  The IRA showed the refusal to accept second class status in their own land.  Bad part is once more, terrible food.

    Greeks get a bad rap I think.  In my encounters, they hustle and bust butts running businesses.  Bad



    Magyars, face it, the Hapsburg empire is dead and your are not going to subjugate Slovakia and poland.

    Finns and balts seem the same to me.  Finns have great metal music and know how to party.  I was in Helsinki once and loved it, but saw many people very pessemistis

    Albanians are seen as poor, tough, ans criminal.  Yet, I also see a great or pride and refusal to submit.

    Basques are good people but the language is so difficult



    I think it realy depends. Personaly i think all nations have bad and good people. I haven’t noticed anything different/worser from Germans than from others and i am often in Austria in fact i live relatively close to Austrian border. I don’t find Germans from Germany fundamentally different either. Ofc some hate Slovenes but then again some Slovenes are bad towards them too. It is all result of nationalist bs from both sides.

    Yeah Greek people are alright but they rely on state to much and have become spoiled.

    I don’t wanna downplay Celts but they are assimilated already. Gaelic is language on paper apart from few villages. I have seen on forums that many Irish are against language revival. So that is another down point for these people.



    You said it pretty close to how i think.



    Good topic, wish I found it earlier.

    1) Germanics – Great admiration toward them. Overall they are the people with most contributions to the world in terms of science, art and philosophy. While I don’t believe they are inherently better then Slavs, their mindset and mentality has been proven to be surperior over the centuries (racial hygiene, strong nationalism, discipline etc.). We could certainly learn a lot from them. Though I must say I don’t have a very good opinion of the Anglos, which have turned to ZOG whores in the last century (with Anglo-Americans being the bastion of Zionism). Also, I don’t hold any grudge at all against Germanics for their past conflicts with Slavs

    2) Romanics – Lazy and fraudolent wogs. The only reason why they developed a great (?) civilization so early it’s because of favuorable conditions in S-SW Europe.

    3) Celts – Overall postive opinion. I like their mythology and also I think they are close somehow to Slavs.

    4) Greeks –  Don’t know why they are included, since they are extint. However I don’t like the present day wogs which claim to have created European civilization  ::)

    5) Hungarians – They look weird. Also Budapest is filthy as f*** and filled with beggars and tramps. Though there are some friendly individuals, also some have Slavic ancestry which is a +

    6) Finnics – Reindeer hopping wogs. I hate their attitude toward Russians, on the other hand they have sublime music.

    7) Balts – Have no opinion. I am mostly neutral regarding Balts (Latvians and Lithuanians of course, not estonians).

    8 ) Albanians – Yeah… I better not talk about them. Anywho the majority of you knows how I feel about them.

    9) Basques – Really couldn’t care less.

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