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    Here is a playlist of Albanian folk dances:

    Albanian Folk Dances – YouTube

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    I’m curious, where do you see the similarity/difference with the Slavic dances? I would like to know in which Region/Country Albanians are more similar to Slavic people. Sorry for my bad english.

    Dances origin:

    1.Kosovo – 2.Montenegro – 3.Kosovo – 4.Kosovo – 5.Kosovo – 6. Mix – 7.Kosovo – 8.Kosovo – 9.North Albania – 10.Kosovo – 11.Kosovo – 12.Arbereshe – 13.North Albania – 14.Kosovo – 15.Kosovo – 16.Central Albania – 17.North Albania – 18.Central Albania – 19.South Albania – 20.Central Albania – 21.Kosovo – 22.Kosovo – 23.Kosovo – 24.Kosovo – 25.North Albania – 26.North Albania – 27.Kosovo – 28.North Albania – 29.Kosovo – 30.Kosovo – 31.South Albania – 32.North Albania – 33.Central Albania – 34.South Albania – 35.Kosovo – 36.South Albania – 37.North Albania – 38.South Albania – 39.Central Albania – 40.Kosovo – 41.Kosovo – 42.Kosovo – 43.Kosovo – 44.Kosovo – 45.Mix – 46.North Albania – 47.North Albania – 48.Kosovo – 49.South Albania – 50.Kosovo – 51.Kosovo – 52.Central Albania – 53.South Albania – 54.South Albania – 55.Kosovo – 56.Kosovo – 57.Mix – 58.Mix – 59.Mix – 60.Kosovo – 61.Kosovo – 62.North Albania – 63.Montenegro – 64.North Albania – 65.Kosovo – 66.South Albania – 67.South Albania – 68.South Albania – 69.Kosovo – 70.Central Albania – 71.North Albania – 72.North Albania – 73.North Albania – 74.Kosovo – 75.North Albania – 76.North Albania – 77.Central Albania – 78.Central Albania – 79.North Albania – 80.North Albania – 81.Central Albania – 82.South Albania – 83.Central Albania – 84.Kosovo – 85.Macedonia – 86.North Albania – 87.North Albania – 88.Mix – 89.Kosovo – 90.Kosovo – 91.North Albania – 92.Kosovo – 93.Mix – 94.Kosovo – 95. North Albania – 96. Macedonia – 97.Macedonia – 98. Macedonia- 99.North Albania.



    If this was a Facebook post, you may get what you’re looking for: Slavs whose heads set alight at the mention of Albanians. Here, you’ll likely get ignored, or fucked with right back.



    Of course there will be cultural similarities with South Slavs, they co-existed in same regions for centuries and still do. Just look at map of Albania and you’ll see bunch of Slavic toponyms. Albanians lived among Slavs and often under Slavic rule, Slavs too lived among Albanians. Slavs and Albanians share over a millennia of common history. Of course things are a bit tense now, because of last 150 years, but time will pass, living standard will increase, average wage will go up and people will forget about all of that.
    On your specific question I’m not sure which dances would be most similar to these, I’m more familiar with ones from the northern parts of Serbia. I only watched the first one for a bit. I guess it would be southern ones, it’s only logical. I also notice there are some elements not present in dances here, but present in Turkey. Music is more similar to Bulgarian and Macedonian than Serbian, but again I’m not so familiar with traditional music from southern regions.



    Yes, there are similarities as Dusan has stated. Eg. the use of the Gusle by Serbs, Montenegrins and Albanians..

    Milan Mrdovi



    @”Rex Hatson”

    > the use of the Gusle by Serbs, Montenegrins and Albanians..

    In Belarus and Russia we’d call Gusli this musical instrument.




    I also
    noticed the similarity with Bulgarian. Even the sound of the language (the most
    similar language of Albanian in Balkan is Romanian because both were heavily
    romaniced, but sometimes Bulgarian and Albanian sound similar).

     Of course,
    the similarity amongs neighbours is natural. I think, Albanians of Ex
    Jugoslavia, share more similarity with Slavic people, because they were more in
    contact, but I’m more curios with the similarity among Albanians from Albania
    and Slavic people. Also, among Albanians in general and not Balkanian Slavic



    @Rex Hatson 

    calle it “lahute”. What kind of songs were singed with it in the Slavic world? Usually,
    Albanians, use it to sing epic songs.



    The kind of songs that you would play to make your guests leave the party…



    @AAA Albanians who lived in Yugoslavia and ones in Albania had some 50 years of Enver Hoxha’s regime that differentiated them. Hoxha’s regime was extreme, Slavic people living in Albania (and all other minorities in Albania) were forbidden to speak their language and have their original names, they had to be Albanized. They were also hard on religion, Albania was the first country to identify itself as an atheist one. So with suppressing foreign culture and religion in general they are ought to be rather different. Albanians in SFRY had all the rights they could wish for. From what I read Albanians from northern mountainous regions in Albania are more similar to Albanians in Serbia and Montenegro than their southern compatriots. I don’t know how much do you know about them, but from what I understand Albanians in the north (Ghegs) and ones in the south (Tosks) are culturally very different.




    Gheg and Tosk is a linguistic thing ( The real difference isn’t among Ghegs and Tosks in Albania, i think,  but among Albanians of Ex Yugoslavia  and Albanians of Albania. 

    As a foreigner, can you hear a difference?





    This is sooo boring , they are barely dancing, most of the video they are just walking around…. slavic dances are more vivid with more complicated moves.




    Do you watch all videos? Which Region/Country si more boring?



    @AAA I can definitely tell they’re different when I listen them like this, one after the other, but I don’t think I could be able to tell which is which if I just heard something on it’s own. I can hear Tosk is like standard Albanian I see on product declarations.
    From what I’ve read Albanians in the northern regions of Albania, eastern Montenegro and Kosovo, who are Ghegs are mostly Muslim and they still live in tribes (clans) and follow Kanun in some manner. Meanwhile there are more Christians among Tosks, they’re more liberal and progressive and apparently most communist back in the they came from Tosk speaking regions. That’s what I was referring to.
    Of course, as I said, Albanians from ex-Yugoslavia are even more different.




    All Gheg people (inside and outside Albania) have clans, Tosks not anymore. In some remote part of North Albania, still exist the “blood feuds”, sadly.

    Standard Albanian is based on Tosk yes, well because Enver Hoxha was Tosk, i think. 

    Albanians from Ex Yugoslavia are muslim, most of them (a few chatolic, in Kosovo and Montenegro). 

    This is the distribution of religion in Albania (however most of them are agnostic or atheist):



    @AAA didn’t know the distribution of religion looked like that. I knew there are a lot of Catholics around Skadar lake, but I didn’t know that the area is so big.

    I still don’t understand why did you say that Gheg/Tosk is a linguistic thing only, clearly there are major cultural differences between those two groups.

    We actually had a topic on family feuds that ended up on blood feuds among Montenegrins and Albanians, here’s the link , maybe you can give us more input. I’m guessing you’re an Albanian.

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