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    Yuri the Hermit has nothing and still he is happy

    Hello there, this is Yuri. He lives in a tipi in the woods near Moscow, but he is a hermit. He also has a dugout where he probably spends his time in winter, no one knows why. He has lived there fo…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Very cool man, it takes a great courage to leave the modern aspects of life as we know it and start living like this.



    Wow! Slavorum did a story about Yuri way back in 2014! Way before the mainstream press caught on to Yuri. Slavorum, you are cutting-edge.  :D I love Yuri. He’s my favorite Russian dude. 



    BTW, Yuri wants people to send him postcards and he will send a postcard back to you. Hopefully, he will not sell your address to the KGB.  :D




    Hes an interesting guy, reminds me a bit of my moms sister who was a hippy and moved to new mexico to live in a self made adobe house with her husband. Theyve lived there for over 30 years now…lets just say that side of the family is completely different then mine :)



    Why is he “still” happy? Is he “happy” in the first place? Obviously he ran away from the city because he didn’t like city life, so the implication that he’s happy despite not living the city life is paradoxical. He pulled his hand from the fire, but his hand’s not hurting despite not being in the fire, imagine that.
    Futher, this is escapism – i.e he gave up and ran away. Happiness comes from winning not deciding not to compete (although the latter does have its advantages as you can see, at least temporarily).
    Lastly, he’s not living outside of society but on top of society, like the Amish. He’s like a remora or an epiphyte (google it, faggots) – not part of society but reliant on it for his contunued existence. I read an article about a woman in Siberia who’s the only living member of a group of old believers what ran away from the Bolsheviks after the revolution. Most of her family died from diseases, but at least they were a family. She’s a much better example of someone living outside of society. This guy lives on the outskirts of Moscow and doesn’t have a family – he provides only for himself. He’s entertaining for the same reason a freakshow is entertaining, with maybe a pinch of sentimentality thrown in.



    You can’t put a square peg into a round hole, point is everyone is different, I don’t think we can criticize a lifestyle choice, especially if they like it.



    Of course we can. We just need standards. Your reasoning is that of a man without standards.
    Here’s some more justifications.
    – Anything goes if it makes you happy. – yeah, murder and the cries of the bereaved make me happy.
    – Anything goes as long as it doesn’t personally affect you. – I’m setting fire to my house, it’s my own property. Maybe you shouldn’t have built your own house so close to mine if you don’t like it, you bigot.
    – Anything goes if all involved parties agree – me and my cuz agree that robbing that bank was a damn fine idea.
    – Anything goes so long as it’s not by choice – rabid dogs are therefore innocent and should be allowed to bite chunks off your fat arse. If you deny them, I’ll call PETA.
    – Anything goes as long as most people you ask say it’s fine – it’s why surgeons use polls to guide them when performing surgeries. Web polls.



    Your point is “we need standards”… again, square peg into a round hole, when it’s clear people hold “different standards on life”.  Some of your examples above talk about harm to others, but its clear he isn’t, so they are not relevant.



    Lack of apparent harm to others is not a justification, either.
    Likewise, the prisons are full of “square pegs”. Why should some be imprisoned and some walk free?



    Ok, now we are talking about Laws, and not the standard of someone’s lifestyle choice, although there can be some overlap there.  It doesn’t seem he’s breaking any Laws though.



    I don’t mean the guy in the article, I meant your argument. Everybody is uniform in their uniqueness. Special snoflakes, we all. Anyway, Yuri sounds like a guy that had enough at some point and ran away. Some guys take a shotgun mouthwash, some shoot up the place (an ax or a shovel might work just as well, if you can’t get a firearm), he just picked this weird “hermit” thing. Meh.



    Yuri is a sweet, nice man, who gives away free books. The world would be a kinder, gentler place, if we had more Yuris. Though, I don’t support his love of Nalvany, who seems not that different from Putin. 



    he seems like a sweet nice man, but who knows if he really is. Alot of homeless types seem nice at first but you can feel something deep down isnt normal with them 



    @srdceleva True! Something about Yuri makes me suspect he might have a mental health issue. His living arrangement is unsanitary, to say the least. His hair looks like it might harbor lice.  :/

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