Frozen Solovki Islands in Russia could be your perfect winter vacation destination

Solovki Islands, the home of Solovki monastery is located in the center of the Russian White Sea, the far Russian north, in the depths of the frozen part of our little planet. During winter days have the shortest length on Solovki Islands, so if you wish to enjoy these sites during a day you have only few hours at best to do so. This is why Petr, a Russian photographer made these beautiful photos however even he was concerned weather he will have enough time to take these photos during his stay here. Among other things there are beautiful sights of architecture, wonderful snow covered scenery, beautiful aurora borealis and warm and colorful Russian character that makes this place a perfect tourist location. Lucky for you all the photos were nicely done and lo and behold, Russian northern beauty just for your eyes:

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Thanks to Petr!

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