Futuristic ZIL vehicle

The newest set of multipurpose military vehicle by ZIL looks pretty out of this world and that is why we wanted to present to all Slavorumers and car enthusiasts among them the newest technological marble. By request of the defense department continuing the tradition of creating a military vehicle, the metropolitan ZIL commissioned by the country’s defense ministry has built chassis breadboard multipurpose military vehicle. The starting point was the decision of the plenum of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Main Armored Directorate Russian Defense Ministry on the development of the technical design of the family of army vehicles, multipurpose capacity from 1 to 2.5 tonnes for the period 2010-2015. Together with other car factories in this country research project on a competitive basis and attended Zilovtsy. via(source)[divider]2

You see, when you create a machine using the modern and advanced computer technology with 3D modeling then the body is designed in arrangement with the planting crew 1 + 9 (driver and 9 men). The driver and commander are in front of the sides of the frame-by-line engine.


Other six men, soldiers for example, are placed back to back along the longitudinal axis of the machine to exit the vehicle as fast as they can in action. The remaining two are placed facing backwards in a row between the rear wheel arches, interesting isn’t it?


With such interesting design that gives a landing-round visibility and the ability to combat all around it will be an interesting vehicle to use.

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