Giant Stolby rock mountains of Russian Siberia

What you will find if you ever wonder into Stolby Nature Rerserve near the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk is a set of gigantic rock cliffs of the Stolby. They are called Stolby which is the plural of Stolb, a Slavic Russian word for Pillar. The enthusiasts that like to visit this are  refeer to themselves as Stolbists and it a well known activity in the region that is over 150 years old tradition, in other words it has become the local folklore. One of the earlies explorers of Siberia were cossaks, and they are the ones that discovered this amazing place back in 1624 which led to building a small fortress at the crossing of Kacha River and Yenisei. At first due to it’s looks they gave him a name Stolpy from bible and later reduced it to Stolby, and ever since all similar rock patterns in Russia are named like that. These stone giants have lived throught a lot of life stories and they have become the topic of many scientific works, fantasy books, articles and everything you can imagine from music to potery or paintings. It’s truly a place to achieve serenity! Russian bloggers dedmaxopka, meg4troon and feelek captured these amazing images.

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