Giant Transformers Attacked Balkan States

After Croatian towns Osijek and Zadar, transformers have finally arrived in the capital Zagreb! Giant sculptures of popular characters from the famous series of films “Transformers”, and the creator of this incredible exhibition titled ‘Transformers guarding Zagreb’ is a young artist Danilo Baletić (23) from Montenegro. The famous artist that has managed to create huge sculptures inspired by the blockbuster Transformers.

Baletić calls them the guardians of the environment and titled his display as “Transformers Guarding Zagreb” that will showcase these sculptures in Zagreb for at least a month, but the goal is to aware citizens of our environment and technological waste that we leave behind us. Last year Baletić had the exhibition set up in Zadar, to the delight of children and adults.


The project started in Montenegrin town Podgorica, and with their tin pets Danilo visited many cities in the region. Each of the seven exhibits is made by hand from car waste and to complete them it took him over two and a half years. Huge installation weights almost two tons… pretty heavy you will agree!


All interested fans of ‘Transformers’ exhibition can see it in the next month on the “Square of Franjo Tudjman” so take a look at these pictures and discover the fantastic characters of the film that are now guarding Zagreb.

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